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Bearsy's first day of puppy preschool! He got a solid report card, accident free all day. Atta boy!! #goodboy #staffy


Austin house is under contract! Bearsy and I take over Nov 15th. Backyard has been tested and approved by him #austinbound #needgardening101

Austin, Texas

Bearsy's first trip to the bar. He got to witness an Astros walk off and was loving every minute of it #prouddad #staffy #staffordshirebullterrier

Kirby Ice House

Bearsy update 🐻: 2 days at home. Warmed up to his kennel, loves raw venison and his lambchop stuffed toy, enjoys biting ankles, mastered sit, lay down, and stay. Unsure what to think of his leash and collar. Tries to eat your phone if you put it in his face for a pic. Follows me like a shadow. Not afraid to attempt going up and down the stairs. He also can't wait for the Oilers season to start tonight #staffy

Houston, Texas

Looks like you're stuck with me now Bearsy 🐻 #welcomehome #ourfirstselfie


Well Houston friends, it's been a great seven years in this city. I've decided to pursue an opportunity in Austin, and will be moving that way next month. Met some amazing people in my time here, and hope to have a drink with you all before I head up 290

Houston, Texas

Bearsy Week 7 update. See ya next weekend buddy. Freezer is full of venison for you and I to share #staffy #staffordshirebullterrier


Sunday clay shooting

Westside Sporting Grounds

Happy first (Australian) birthday to my main girl Harls. Damn you are one cute kid #unclery


Little man at five weeks. Three more to go before he comes home. Already has his basic look away from camera pose down #bearsy #staffordshirebullterrier #staffy #whitetoes


The bros posing for their Week 3 shoot #bearsy #fivemoreweeks #staffy #staffordshirebullterrier