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The Paralympian sprinter @Wallace_Jarryd bio­ mechanics are analyzed by #Dr.PeterWeyand Dr_Weyand with help from of Southern Methodist University Locomotor Performance Laboratory in Dallas, Texas. “There was a lot I was doing wrong,” says Wallace, 28 and a four-­time world record holder, whose lower right leg had to be amputated because of a muscle disorder. Wallace uses the lab’s analysis of his stride to run even faster. The lab has a host of amazing contributors @Lance_sportsscienceguy @SMUsimmons . This is a picture from a human performance story about the boost that technology can provide athletes.


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The #PanAmerican highway runs from #Ushuaia, #Argentina and to Turbo, Colombia. Killing time looking out the window in coastal #Peru. On assignment for @NatGeo.


This account represents a journalistic feat covering many different cultures from around the world. Living within 100 kilometers of the ocean, over 3 billion people rely on it as their main protein source. First picture is the preparation, second is the daily commute and third is the catch. Fishermen in Pimentel have been fishing this way since 1250 CE, most of them working 365 days a year. If you do not want to see content that may challenge your preconceived notions of the planet, by all means unfollow. Please consider: my posts are intended to give an insight into the world which we all share. This is in response to an earlier post which may have offended some people.


Faces of the some of the men who do a lot of heavy lifting on a very dusty archeological dig site in Huanchaco, Peru. Amazing story dealing with remains of a mass sacrifice site.


I was downloading the last images from my Peru trip and I was struck by the difference between two of the last frames that I shot. The mountains landscape is the last picture that I shot as I was landing in Lima and the other was from the last frames landing at Newark airport.

I shot these on my Leica M10, really as afterthoughts, I love the camera simply because I always have it with given its size and ease of use.

The views could not be much different, rugged and wild vs. organized and suburban #Peru #ariels #travel #cominghome #NatGeo #M10 #LeicaM10


#Brooklyn bound.......heading home. Enjoyed my trip to #Peru.


What do you do when you see the “Dog Show Circus” next to your hotel? You stop in and shoot some pictures. 1.) Luis Alexander Santiseban 2.) Alessandra Santiseban 3.) Jorge Sialer Samillian. If you find yourself in Chiclayo, Peru stop in for a show. #dogs #circus #peru #Arbus #MaryEllenMark


Institution Educativa #10231 Túcume,La Raya, Peru school opened the doors for us. The Chico’s and Chicas were excited to say hello to the people on my feed. #Peru


Had a very fun day when my crew and I dropped in on an elementary school awards presentation. We were near Chiclayo, which is the capital city of northwest Peru’s Lambayeque region. It’s a gateway to archaeological sites such as Huaca Rajada to the east, the discovery place of the tomb of the Lord of Sipán, a ruler of the ancient Moche culture. The Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum in the nearby city of Lambayeque show. The Chico’s and Chicas were so nice and excited by the ceremony. We were honored to share you event.


Near Muchumi, #Peru


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