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Running late, take the elevator.

Thank you Ireland for an amazing trip. No doubt one of my favorite places on Earth. Can’t wait to share some of the good times I had over there with @steviepittman_ & @rsmallcheck. Shout out to @conormaguiree @gearoidmcdaid @ianmitchinson @clemmcinerney for helping make it such a rad trip. 🍻


Can’t get enough of this magical place. @steviepittman_ @rsmallcheck what a day 🍻


Last time I was in Ireland I told myself whenever I come back I’m bringing a skateboard and I’m going to cruise down this road. Stoked to cross it off the list!! @sector9 #GoodVibesRoll


Another lovely day in Ireland.
Thanks for the rad clip @ianmitchinson 🚁☘️🌊


First paddle at Mullaghmore and she served me up a big fat slice of humble pie 😌.


right or left? and who’s splitting it w ya?


surfing in a snowglobe
🎥#GoPro @rsmallcheck


what you see vs. what the dude you dropped in on sees


When you can’t find your trunks but shred is life @oasissurf.

Canadians sure know how to have a good time!! The #SurfStream was running nonstop from 8am to midnight and so were the drinks, food, music, and good times!! Thanks for having us @americanwavemachines @oasissurf that was epic!

@a_gray @patnolan_ @rsmallcheck


Yesterday was a trip... still buzzin
📷 @cmccoyphotography


Somehow this east coast swell bender is still going and this morning was a rager. Long lines marching the other way back up the beach today. Enjoyed the views watching the crew race thru tunnels out there. #20dayNewJerseySurfTrip


Visions from my eyes and the sky in Puerto Rico last week.
PR is such a fun, quick and easy trip. If you ever find yourself planning a surf-trip down there, hit up @surfvillamanagement and they’ll get you all dialed! 🎥🚁 @treddsmith #GoPro


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