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This weekend, play the new VESPUCCI JOB mode and earn DOUBLE GTA$ & RP
On sale: The Karin 190z Sports Classic, Vapid Hustler, Phantom Wedge, ALL Melee Weapons and more
Full details at the Rockstar Newswire (link in bio)
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4/20 SPECIALS in #GTAOnline
Take advantage of these bonuses today only
• Weed sales: Earn 50% MORE
• Weed Business: 50% off
• Weed Business upgrades: 50% off
• Green Tire Smoke: 50% off
More info on all current in-game bonuses at the Rockstar Newswire (link in bio)


The most concentrated dose of hipster fuel ever to top the most wanted list
The new Weeny Issi Classic (featured in The Vespucci Job Adversary Mode)
Now in stock at Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Visit the Rockstar Newswire for details on all of today’s new #GTAOnline content updates and bonuses (link in bio)


The SEA SPARROW chopper – now available from Elitás Travel
An agile miniature helicopter with optional Machine Gun and Missile upgrades
Visit the Rockstar Newswire for info on all of today’s new #GTAOnline content and bonuses (link in bio)


The Vespucci Job

The battle between predator and prey is one of nature’s most stirring sights: wolf chases elk, lion chases antelope, fleet of police cruisers chase diminutive vintage car. Two teams take to the streets in The Vespucci Job: either you’re the lunatic on the run in the new Issi Classic, trying to hit every checkpoint in time - or you’re a squad car right behind and looking to blow a lot more than the doors off.

As the runner, look to take advantage of narrow alleyways and tight turns to shake the heat while they coordinate with each other to plot your demise. Play the madcap new Vespucci Job mode between now and April 23rd and earn Double GTA$ & RP.

Hit the Rockstar Newswire for info on all of today’s new #GTAOnline content and bonuses (link in bio)


The Vapid Flash GT Sports car.
This highly customizable American-engineered hatchback is now available at Legendary Motorsport in #GTAOnline.
Details at (link in bio)


This weekend in #GTAOnline
Double GTA$ & RP Gunrunning Sell Missions & Target Assault Races
Discounts on Bunkers, MOCs, Weaponized Vehicles, the Pfister Neon, the Overflod Autarch super car and more
Details at the Rockstar Newswire (link in bio)


See the winning #DOOMSDAY Rockstar Editor Contest video by .GHOST.RIDER.
+ runner up entries from creators @exar_n7 and KILL3RWAFFL3Z
At the Rockstar Newswire (link in bio)
#GTAV #GTAOnline


DOUBLE CASH on Gunrunning Sell Missions, faster Research plus big DISCOUNTS on Bunkers, Mobile Operations Centers, Mk II Weapon upgrades, the APC, Dune FAV, Weaponized Tampa, HVY Nightshark, Pfister Neon, Overflod Autarch and more.
Full details including info on next week’s new vehicles and The Vespucci Job mode at the Rockstar Newswire (link in bio)


#Repost @deejayjeanp
Kicking ass with my girl @dee.danya in the new Vapid Caracara🎉


This weekend get DOUBLE GTA$ & RP on the new Target Assault Races in #GTAOnline.

Plus discounts on the Mammoth Avenger, Weaponized Vehicles, vehicle upgrades and more.

Details at the Rockstar Newswire (link in bio)


#FanArt: Talented illustrator @ApherosXII celebrated her recent #GTAV playthrough with a dysfunctional family portrait of Trevor, Michael and Franklin.
See more fan creations at the Rockstar Newswire (link in bio)


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