Rogelio Navarro@roger_nova_

[▪️Natural Bodybuilder...💪💪
[▪️NPC Athlete...
[▪️Trained by @chunky_brown

When all you train are calves...


Big changes can be made in your life through discipline hard work and consistency.
Put tha work in and be patient...🙏💯


Little tbt from "The Battle At The River"
Novice and Novice overall. Glad to share the stage with great athletes like @kvorster3 and @sean_harper113
Time to work harder to get better for the next contest. 🙏💪👊


Some pics from my second npc competition last Saturday.
Thanks again to God 🙏 for this amazing experience in my life. and thanks all my family and friends for your help and support.
And also huge thank you to my coach @chunky_brown
Now time to work harder for the next time 💪👊


What a great day!
Work hard pays off. I won novice,I placed 2nd in open class and I placed second in novice overall
Thanks God for this amazing experience in my life. 🙏and thanks to all my friends for come to support me.
Congratulations @epierce1114 for her 3rd place on her class and my friend @sean_harper113 and very proud of you guys. Thanks a bunch @flex_up_st3w you helped me a lot bro, and thank you @_mandy_80 @hammersusafitness1 for your support.
And huge thanks to the #1 my coach @chunky_brown
For pushed me every time to give my best for this competition these trophies are also for you bro 🙏👊💪🥇🥈


Transformation Tuesday!

February 2018 vs June 2018
With hard work and dedication anything is possible.
4 days out!
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19 days out!

Trying to bring the best of me on my second NPC Competition
#npctennessee #teamchunkybrown #workhard


5 weeks out!
I know I have a lot of work to do to get where I want to be. But I'm working hard for it..
#battleattheriver #npctennessee
#teamchunkybrown #nevergiveup


10 weeks out!
Big thanks to my coach @chunky_brown for help me with my poses today...