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Happy Birthday to Mick Jagger July 26th... still looking and sounding good don't you think?


#Queens #BrianMay celebrates his 71st birthday today. Here he is in this vintage photo with #FreddieMercury and #MotttheHooples #IanHunter at the NYC nightclub "Danceteria" attending a #Queen party in 1982. #WeWillRockYou #aastrophysicist


Willie Nelson just won't slow down. The country legend and music icon has announced the upcoming release of a new album on which he pays tribute to the musical legacy of Frank Sinatra. Nelson will release My Way on September 19 with Legacy Recordings.


Because we are in baseball season. Recognize them?


Elizabeth Taylors house is for sale.... only $15.9 million...


What is he thinking??? #micjagger


Ringo Starr and do you know who?


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Michael Jackson was an incredible musician and dancer. His father, Joe, was recently buried in the same cemetery.


I’m still jazzed about life, work and of course, photography. Overjoyed at the age of 87 to get up each morning and start my day with a healthy breakfast (which I prepare myself) and then onward with my day. Could be spent reviewing my 50 plus years of contacts and negatives, playing with my cats or working on my memoir. Here’s a teaser from my autobiography titled, “Shooting Stars,” which I hope to have on bookshelves by December 1st. Definitely not as bad as it sounds 😅.


During my heydays of shooting, I would spend 4 months out of every year in California, particularly the Los Angeles area. I was never tempted to move to the west coast as I always and still do think NYC is the best for everything; food (restaurants), culture & art, broadway shows, nightlife, music & most of all photographing celebrities off guard! #photojournalism #blackandwhite #NYC #celebrities