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Went to E3, and all I got was a photo of this thing. What a thing it is, though.


My mom came to the U.S. in the mid 80s with not much more than a suitcase, 20 bucks to her name, and an unreal work ethic. Over the years she worked to become the hotel industry powerhouse she is today, all while raising me - a hellion at times. Sometimes a lot of times. Never too busy for an hour long phone call, or a visit to wherever I may be. Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom ever.


Oregon Trail Rally 2018. Back to the roots of chasing @kblock43 and @alexgelsomino between stages, breathing in all the dust, fiending for coffee and avoiding dysentery. Great times. #OTR2018 #dustycanon #iheartstagerally


✌️💀 @deathspray


I ❤️ wings. All kinds of wings. Buffalo. Korean. BBQ. Carbon. Roof mount. Chassis mount. WRC. But I especially enjoy this one, of 90s whale tail variety. Snapped this towards the end of a 20+ hour shoot day with a V solid crew about a week ago. Video and photos launching via @KBlock43 and @TheHoonigans this Monday.


Needed a new/reliable daily driver while project Evo is in progress. But for whatever reason, I can’t be a normal functioning member of society. So I bought one of them ‘steering wheel on the wrong side’ cars, that took a boat and truck ride from Osaka to Park City via @JapaneseClassicsllc. Twin turbskies, four doors, RWD and 42k miles. Can’t wait to ruin it. #JZX90 #ToyotaMark2 #ramenboat #JDMdreams #1jznoshit


Second annual Easter weekend desert escape: three friends, two trucks, and a whole bunch of @BeltexMeats in an ancient riverbed. #meatparty #lambsweats #firegrilledeverything


While shooting this latest episode of Top Gear last December, @HarrisMonkey told me “whatever you do, never grow up”. Right after cording a set of 285s and driving through an industrial mud pit in McLaren’s 570 presser. Sage advice.


Carl Kuster, what a legend. Watching this dude go up down and around the mountains of BC easier than I can walk has been an absolutely wild experience. @carlkustermtnpark #sender #mybodyhurts #somuchhurt #notbuiltforthis #forestandlucyarefakenews


Happy V-day to this feisty, adventuring, fireside sake sipping, absolute gem of a woman I get to call my wife. Who isn’t even mad that I’m currently running into trees on a mountain somewhere in Canada right now without service. Best chick. ❤️ @ellebeesee


#TBT to 2013 when this gem was the daily. Still have it, hidden away as a crumpled mess in the depths of SLC... some fun plans in the works for it in ‘18 though. #whiteonwhiteforever #testcarspec #evogram


#BlockEscortCossie taking a light beam bath last week. Totally worth breathing in tire smoke and bird poo dust for this shot.