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Not a super exciting video but I wanted to share with you all the progress Moo has made with the cows! He is completely unbothered by them at this point - our weeks of work together have definitely paid off. Coming up on 4 years old now he has actually gone from our most difficult dog to one of the most solid. But it was not always this way. A "teenage" Bull Terrier can definitely test your patience! Between the ages of 9 months and 2 years old is usually the most challenging time as a dog owner. This is actually the age most dogs are surrendered to the shelter. "This dog is out of control, too hyper, destroys everything, doesn't listen, I don't have enough time, doesn't get along with our other animals, I don't know what to do" are common reasons. People get the cute puppy then give up on them once they start trying to figure out how to dog. A lot of the time they will even get another puppy after surrendering theirs figuring they just got a "bad" one the first (or second or third) time around😡 Then those untrained dogs wait for a home where someone will take the time to teach them, to work with them, and sadly much of the time that opportunity never comes. So, some things to remember if you are struggling with your pup or at your wits end. * Most behaviors can be corrected, especially if they are still in this young stage. Dogs are considered puppies til the age of two so although they look like they should have it figured out they do not! They need your help and guidance. Check with your local shelter or humane society to see if they offer low cost or free training if you can not afford to hire a trainer yourself. Look online, watch YouTube videos for tips and pointers- what you may be going through has certainly been dealt with before! Create a routine, boundaries, exercise regularly - dogs need all of these things. Please just don't be so quick to give up on them. They really can grow to become the best dogs. I mean, if humans could drop off their teenagers those shelters would be overflowing 🤣. But we don't do that right? We work with them, teach them, and even though they drive us crazy we are so proud when they figure it out. #keepgoing❤️ #rescuefamily


Real talk - are we more jealous of Dooders getting to gnaw on P's jowls or P for getting to snack on Dood's chicken leg? (Honestly I do both every chance I get 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️🍗) #theyhavebeenatthisforhours #rescuefamily #adoptrescuefoster


Papa Ki, soaking up the golden hour and puppy love 🐾 #hishappyplace #givemeallthepuppies #swipeswipeswipe #adoptrescuefoster #pitbull #rescuefamily


Puppies are growing so fast and their personalities blossoming! They are adorable and good for the heart but mama... Oh my. She is absolute, 100% perfection. She will be the best companion ever. I know someone out there needs her love in their life 💗 apply to adopt @nwdogproject #adoptrescuefoster #rescuefamily (remember to watch our stories for lots of updates - I post much more often there 😊)


Mama Opal and her pups! Mom is about 2 years old (even though she looks like the cutest old lady!). She is beyond sweet and gentle and just wants belly rubs and cuddles. Whoever adopts this girl will seriously be so very lucky. Puppies are about 5 weeks old now. All sweet, give lots of kisses. Ruby is the biggest and most outgoing. They will not be ready for adoption for a few weeks but you can email if you'd like to get a jump start on the process. Maybe Maltese, Poodle, Terrier mix?? 🤷🏼‍♀️ All I know is the babies are already half the size of mom! Thanks to everyone who has donated from our wish list in the past we did not need many supplies to take them in 🙏 @nwdogproject #swipeswipeswipe #adoptrescuefoster #rescuefamily ***Family update - if you follow our stories you will know it has been very busy around here! We have 2 new family members - a 2 year old cow and her 4 month old calf. They are Dexter cattle, great for foraging which is what we have them for. After logging, our property has been overrun by weeds and other brush. They are helping to clear and prepare other areas of the property so we can eventually expand our rescue efforts. They will have 5 pastures to rotate around on so lots of fence building and repairs to do! They are not "rescue" cows exactly, as we purchased them, but they were being sold as beef which we certainly will not be using them for here. They will be our lifelong family members, mama and baby together. The dogs are all doing well adjusting to having them around. Only Moo and Kilo even pay them any mind at all so lots of leashed walks and positive training for them. I apologize that social media has been a bit hard to keep up with - Hopefully things will normalize again soon! Oh, and yes I could have gotten goats but I had them growing up and they were so much like dogs it would have been too much work - I am definitely at my max on work around here 😴 #ranchhandwanted #somanyanimals #butsomuchlove ❤️ (Hope you all are doing well)


Want to hear something pretty amazing? Moo's vet check on his mast cell cancer was this morning and Dr. Jodi couldn't even believe how incredible it looks! Virtually no swelling, lumps, or signs of tumor regrowth whatsoever - even though we had pretty poor margins originally. So happy and relieved! We will be cutting back on the prednisone but continuing with his diet. Thank you to everyone who sent food and medicine donations our way - it seems to have really helped! Also these little nuggets exist and gave me a blep tongue too so there is even more good news 🤗. I'll give a run down of his diet at the end of this post for those who are curious and/or dealing with Mast Cell yourselves. Of course quality vet care is the most important part but if sharing helps even one family it's worth it to me. Happy Tuesday everyone! ❤️
Moo's diet, twice a day (he is 61 pounds, also this is our own variation of the Cleo diet) -
1.5 cups Orijen dry food
1/4 cup cottage cheese
2 pumps fish oil (Grizzly Joint Aid)
1/2 dropper full spectrum cbd oil (600 MG bottle)
1-2 plain Benadryl
Please remember I am not a vet, Dr, nurse, librarian - this is just what we came up with after doing our own research and has been working for us 😊 #rescuefamily #adoptrescuefoster @nwdogproject


New mama and babies are here! Mom was surrendered by her owners after they found out she was pregnant. She was so covered in fleas and ticks that her fur had to be completely shaved. Now she has a funny little haircut but oh my goodness is she ever sweet! So calm and loving. Mom is some sort of terrier mix around 2 years old and the babies are about 4 weeks. 3 girls, 2 boys. They will all be here until they are ready to be adopted in a month or so. Time for names and some bulking up so they can take on Dooders! 😊 #rescuefamily #adoptrescuefoster @nwdogproject


It's been a minute so here's lots of minutes of #fbf misfit craziness and bb P 💗 #moofusandPeelowfallinlove #papaKi #endlessquestforLuckykisses #swipeswipeswipe #rescuefamily 🐊🍀🌈


Note to self: Never draw eyebrows on Dooders again. It was funny earlier while I was babysitting, terrifying after I forgot about it and turned around to this... #alwayswatching #verybaddecision #rescuefamily 👀


🌾☀️🌲 #rescuefamilysummertime
Just a few answers to common questions 😊 *No the water is not crystal clear. There are 4 dogs in and out of the pool all day so dirt and grass are pretty much always in there. *I use minimal chlorine. We have a saltwater system but I don't use it because salt poisoning scares me.
*I am VERY careful about how much water they swallow, watching them the entire time they are in the pool, and making them take breaks.
*This is an Intex pool that I got used off of Facebook marketplace for $300.
*The stairs were almost as much, from Amazon.
*None of the dogs have had any ear problems at all so far. They are very good about shaking them out and I also towel dry them when we are done.
*Dooders does not like to swim although she does get crazy zoomies after I dip her in so I think she might be faking it.
*Moo enjoys pool zoomies for almost a half hour at a time. Circle, circle, chomp bug, circle.
*Kilo is the least graceful 🐮
*They all sleep REALLY good.


Happy 2nd birthday to the Doods! She hates me right now but isn't she cute?! 🤣 Also who remembers this flower crown? #sleepwithoneeyeopen #rescuefamily


Who needs a little chi weenie in their life? Everyone! Shameless "adopt these puppies" post so we can be available to help more! 9-10 week old females, insanely cute and sweet. Super easy, they love all the dogs. Potty pad trained 100%. Gentle and loving. Cheese (blue eyes) is our fave because she is ridiculously perfect. Mac is too just a little less outgoing. Out of state adoptions welcome but you have to come to Eugene for the meet. Email for application or find more information at 🐾 #rescuefamily #adoptrescuefoster @nwdogproject