#perfectlyimperfect & lives w/ @venustwofacecat. Roo was once thrown away like trash 4 being different. His story starts @ 1st post.

Clip of a livestream yesterday. Roo perfectly demonstrates how to use a strategically placed scratch post. 🐾
Interesting fact: Due to his condition (radial hypoplasia) he walks on 3 legs. He cannot put weight on the right front leg BUT as you can see, he can pull and pick with it.
We trim Venus’s claws but with Roo’s skittish nature and abusive past we can’t clips his. We caught him using the table leg, placed this scratcher there and problem solved! He did not go to one of the other unprotected legs.
There are no labels on this and I can’t remember who sent them to us so if anyone knows please feel free to tag the company.
Please seek out alternatives to declawing. @citythekitty and @pawproject have great information and if I had known 12 years ago what I know now about declawing I would NOT have had Ginger front declawed. I was not in rescue, not knowledgeable about what the surgery really does, & back then it’s just what you did when your kitten went in for spaying. Nobody really questioned it because the vets made it sound so non-invasive. Now we know better & I give BIG props to City The Kitty’s humans for fighting so hard to ban this practice. Ginger (our orange tabby) is a lovely cat but she is a biter especially now that she is a senior which is one of the things that can happen as a result of taking away their natural defense.
We live & learn by our mistakes. If you’ve declawed your cat don’t beat yourself cannot change the past BUT you do owe it to your fur baby to become educated so you can hopefully avoid doing it to any future cats.
I didn’t really mean to turn this into an anti-declaw post but you guys know me....I like to share my personal experience & as the owner of a declawed cat I can speak from experience. I know many of you may argue that your declawed cat is happy & the vet was a skilled surgeon, etc etc....everyone’s experience post surgery is different but please educate yourself so you can see the big picture. I never made the connection between Ginger being our only biter & our only declaw but it makes sense. We owe our fur babies at least that much! XOXO
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#tongeouttuesday #tacotonguetuesday - trying to taste the spring in the air! 🌷💐☀️


These 2 don’t know it yet but I’m waiting for them to get a little bigger so I can be their surrogate Dad and play with them. My adopted sister @venustwofacecat is scared of them and won’t go into our mama’s room til they’re adopted (she’s done this with all bottle babies but will sometimes come around as they get bigger. Here’s their story:
Meet Mini & Putt-Putt, our first bottle babies of the year now that Michigan is finally warming up & apparently our kitten season is here. We got a call from a local family entertainment center, who found these 2 at the mini-golf section which was being renovated at the time (2 weeks ago) and definitely NOT a safe environment with all the construction happening. Mini is the gray one and her brother is Putt-Putt the Tux. Their eyes weren’t open yet so I’m guessing they were about a week old. Their eyes opened a few day after we got them and they’re much more energetic (new pics coming)but also very sweet. 💙💗
We will also be in close communication with the facility to look for more kittens and hopefully mama too. If mama does appear and we can trap her, we will spay her once the kittens are fully weaned.
Stay tuned for updates and many more super cute pics and vids.
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Caption this #tbt from @venustwofacecat and @roothekangaroocat


Happy National Cat Lady Day to all the cat ladies out there. This is an actual pic of @venustwofacecat ‘s & my mama when she was about 12 (in the 80’s so don’t make fun of the hair, THAT was “the” style and hopefully stays back in the 80’s 😹😹)! Had to go waaaaaay back in the old photo albums for this one.
She has been an animal lover for as long as she can remember and this pic is from when she found a batch of kittens on a youth group work retreat with her church. Before getting into rescue on a regular basis she found herself always coming across cats in need as if she had a cat visible only neon glow shouting, “go to her, she’ll take you in” in cat talk.....and she would! I guess it’s true that looking back you can see signs of what someone’s future holds. ❤️ Have a great day everyone! XOXO
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It’s #nationalsiblingday so this post is dedicated to my closest sibling, my adopted sister Venus @venustwofacecat . No matter where you look, we’re most likely together.
All of us are close but Venus and I have an especially close bond. 💞She helps groom the places I can’t reach (like my head) due to my crooked paws. She’s my BFF! 💗
Give a shout out to your siblings! 😽😃
Have a great day everyone! XOXO


“You know where the weight room is? I’ll check it out” 😹😹
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I’m special because I’m different.... and I’m different because I’m special! Own your YOUniquness! ❤️
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Update on Bunny from @gkpetrescue
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Update on Bunny! Bunny went to see Dr. Holtsinger today allll the way in Stuart to get a second opinion and consult with one of the most renown orthopedic surgeons in South Florida and our fave! :) We are glad we waited on a second opinion because Dr. Holtsinger does NOT recommend surgery for Bunny's condition! Bunny’s issues are a congenital malformation. She has shortening of the right forelimb due to the issue affecting her growth plate very early on. Dr. H recommends no surgical intervention because fusing the joint would cause issues with her elbows and shoulders later in life. She appears to have no pain and full range of motion for the most part in her forelimbs so arthrodesis would not necessarily improve her quality of life. Unrelated to her front leg deformity, Dr. H noticed that Bunny has and old break and BULLET FRAGMENTS in her right hind leg!!! The break has fully healed and has minimal effect on her mobility and actually healed pretty well considering, so removal of the fragments is not recommended. WOW! What poor Bunny must have been through in her short 1.5 years. :( We initially received a $2,900 estimate for Bunny's surgery to repair both legs and we raised about $1,500 in donations for her surgery. We like to be as transparent as possible because we don't want anyone to question where their donations are going. If you donated for Bunny's surgery and would like a refund of your donation, please e-mail us at (Subject: Bunny's Donation) and we will gladly return it. Otherwise, we will apply the donations to what we have spent so far on her medical care, x-rays and two orthopedic consults. Then the difference will be applied to one of our pup's named Tilly who just had her second surgery yesterday to remove a string of mammary tumors and infected tissue that were caused due to not being spayed (we will spare you the graphic photos). Thanks so much to everyone who has donated or sent well wishes for Bunny!


Pretty much everyone at 5:00 Friday...
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Hold our calls
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...cont from last post..
Ginger is one of Roo’s adopted sisters. @venustwofacecat is the other one plus a blind Shiba Inu named Halo. 🐕
Ginger is 12 yrs old and loves LOVES to be the center of attention. She and Venus love to sit center stage for photo opps. Roo on the other hand is more skittish so he doesn’t pose for photos where there are too many unfamiliar things around (like 3 Easter baskets on a table we usually don’t allow them on).
With the girls posing and seeing that they were getting treats, he did make an attempt. I got in on video so if you missed it, look back 1 post. 😺😺


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