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Sunday sizzles with these flaming eyes by the mega hot @louisecalvertmua in ‘Cosmic Kitten’ lashes. The blending tho…🔥👌🏼#rougeandrogue


We’re a SUCKER for BOLD lashes! Wild child @atleeeey lives loud in our super dramatic ‘Slayer’ lashes and neon lids. 🤟🏼💛#rougeandrogue


This eye is hot as FIYAH! 💯We love how @solatice_ turned up the heat on this one in our ‘Lady Killer’ lashes - which take things up a notch! 🔥🔥🔥‘Lady Killer’ is sold on its own or as part of our Epic Trio I! #rougeandrogue


Bejeweled babydoll @evelina.forsell kicks it cute, but edgy in a red lip and our ‘Lady Killer’ lashes! If you didn’t see our recent post (a few posts back) @thekatvond has featured our #RougeandRogue ‘Lady Killer’ lashes in her beauty essentials in the July 2018 issue of @allure! 😱If you haven’t tried these super flirty babies, we highly recommend! 💋#rougeandrogue


WHOMST IS THIS!? @caitmarks owns us in ‘Electra’ lashes, matte black lips, and all the color! SO GOOD! 💥👊🏼 #rougeandrogue


Hot Tamale @cameronpulido keeps it spicy 🌶️with this fiery lip and our #rougeandrogue lashes. Sizzle, sizzle. 🔥🔥 #rougeandrogue


Thank you @thekatvond x @allure magazine for including @rouge.and.rogue in your beauty essentials! Our best selling #vegan and #crueltyfree 'Lady Killer' lashes are the ultimate flirty lash - perfect for any look! 🖤💋💀 So honored and flattered to be included! #rougeandrogue


Lost in the tropics of @solatice_'s eye in our ‘Lady Killer’ lashes. Who else is summer ready with this one? 🐠 #rougeandrogue


Birds of Prey! 🦅Feeling hunted by the eyes of @ashmeredith_ in our ‘Miss Fury’ lashes painted red which she paired with a washed out lip. We love the contrast of the fire red lashes with the snowy lip - this babe is queen of avant garde looks and not afraid to break boundaries or step outside the box. We admire her looks so much! ✖️⚡️ #rougeandrogue


Feast your eyes on blue eyed beauty @_wildfern who lets her ‘Lady Killer’ lashes do the talking with this neutral eye, but added a pop of fuchsia to the lip to keep things SPICY. 🌶️ #rougeandrogue


Tribal vibes from @lou.von.bright in our ‘Luminara’ lashes, a coral lip, and hand drawn stars. ‘Luminara’ is available on its own or sold in our best-selling Epic Trio 1 - a 3 pack of our most popular styles. #rougeandrogue


Fiery eyes to wake you from your weekend haze and black tar lips on @laylaxmua in our ‘Cosmic Kitten’ #rougeandrogue lashes. Bury us with this makeup because we are DEAD with this look! ⚰️💀