Rubio Monocoat USA@rubiomonocoatusa

A unique hard-wax oil that protects & colors wood in 1 single coat. 55 colors. 0% VOC. Plant-Based. Matte. Natural Look & Feel.
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Couldn't pass up sharing this awesome table by @timbrcanada!


We were recently asked to show Precolor Easy "Intense Black" on Walnut. We weren't able to do that (lack of walnut) but another IG community member (@weskent13) jumped in and made up a sample to save the day! We're super thankful for the awesome community here on #instagram! You all rock!


This oak floor was first Fumed to achieve an aged grey look and then Oil Plus 2C "Black" was troweled on by @northcountryhardwoods during our Sand & Finish School.


Here's a finished shot from our last post. This is Precolor Easy "Mystic Brown" finished with Oil Plus 2C in a custom blend of "Midnight Indigo" and "Sapphire."


Custom blend of Midnight Indigo and Sapphire being troweled over Mystic Brown by @hardwood_flooring_specialist during our Sand & Finish School.


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Yesterday was delivery day. On to the next...


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Reclaimed Heart Pine with Pine color #RubioMonocoat 👌


Here's to the start of another Rubio Monocoat Sand & Finish School!


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The best mudrooms combine beauty and function. Here's one of our new favorites!


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Quad waterfall live edge coffee table turned out great with @rubiomonocoatusa pure finish


Happy Friday! Here are all the Precolor Easy samples on Oak in one shot. Bottom 2 are Fumed. Notice around the brand how the heat affected the reaction. Definitely will do the branding afterwards next time.


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Applying a coat of @rubiomonocoatusa Pure to this beautiful live edge maple slab. Super easy application and a very durable finish! It has become one of our shop favorites.
This piece will be used as a counter top in an Airstream that is being renovated!