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Back from Paris x Ryan Roche


Cashmere Lovers.. you win.. !
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Dead daisies.. so pretty


@karliekloss in our 🌹trouser xx PARIS @georgecortina #karliekloss


Idaho antique market.


It’s so lovely to be back home in Idaho with my family to celebrate my beautiful baby sister and brother in law as they prepare to welcome their first baby. You can’t even see it here but she’s 32 weeks pregnant! Family is everything. Love you @shelly_root @yanneroot so excited !!!!!! Baby time !!!! Gorgeous momma !!


Cashmere all around, all day every day. RYAN ROCHE RESORT 19


BEAUTY @jaime_king in our cashmere cardigan. Love love u!




RYAN ROCHE PARIS X @rainbowwave_ltd


Over the last three years I have felt the intense pressure of how to balance my life. My beautiful family who I love so dearly and a career which fuels me and makes me thrive and then there was me..someone who I forgot about. The pressure and stress, which I didn’t properly acknowledge at the time, was weighing so heavy on me both mentally and physically. Before I knew it the body I had always known changed. I wasn’t feeling well inside not to mention none of my clothes fit. Over the last 3 months I have stepped back to reevaluate my life and my life balance. Full steam ahead for 3 years without a breath of air or break in focus can leave you feeling so broken. I’m proud to say that after three months of gentle self care, working out with my beautiful husband @g.roche who’s a pretty killer trainer, eating clean, reconnecting with the life Garrett and I have created and a practice of being gentle and loving with myself I have lost 18 pounds. I would never be drawn to post a picture of myself like this but I’m feeling so good about it and I wanted to share my story. Mentally I feel so much more clear, at ease and PRESENT. I was born with a seed planted in me that has been a constant driving force, I push myself so hard to the point that I broke myself. I still have a long ways to go and it will be a life practice, I’m just feeling so good and grateful for my life so I wanted to share. Btw three months ago these Chloe jeans would not even come close to buttoning and now they fit! Just loving life this morning. Take care of yourself first.


Me and our sweet boy today xxx 8th grade formal. #summertime!