Saad Quraishi@saadq.99

I haven't made a post for along time, so here I go. Pictures from 2008 and 2017 when I played baseball. Best time of the year I ever had. Wished I had more pictures, but whatever. Also, didn't want anyone to wonder what happened to me or think of me as, "What happened to that guy," for not posting for awhile.😶


Peace. 📷: @ammadquraishi


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Eid Mubarak to whoever celebrating Eid. Especially my friend Sameer! Good luck next year in school bro!


You know, I might of graduated FLHS, but it's not over yet. I still have along way to go! I wish friends who still goes here, the best of luck. Same for the teachers! But don't worry about me leaving, I be back. Not as a visitor though. You find out soon enough.


Amazing night for graduation and I wish all the seniors the best, wherever they are going!


This guy next to me had always been by my side since day 1. It's been six years since I met this dude at the middle school. Three years of being in the same homeroom starting from 7th grade. Six years having his locker next to mine. And having our homeroom teacher assigning seats where she put the shortest kids next to each other.And yet, here we are, graduating from high school. Time flies. Going to miss you bro! Nevertheless, good luck in college!


Through out the years of high school, I'm glad to get a trophy for baseball. As a, "Nicholas J. Revello Sportsmanship Award", and two varsity letters. One for bowling and one for baseball. I didn't know I will make it this far to get where I am. Glad to have everyone who encourage me to not give up and keep trying.


Congrats to my sister for graduating from University of Bridgeport!!! I knew you make it this far. Keep moving forward and follow your dream!!


I'm proud to be on the bowling team. We made this far and never gave up. Thanks to the bowling team for making this my favorite high school year! Good luck to you guys next year!!! Glad to be on team!


From Freshmen year to Senior year. These memories will never leave me. During my baseball careers, I had a great time with the team. I hope that this year will be same and hopefully we do well this year. Glad to be a part of a team.


Glad to be a part of the bowling team. We had our ups and down, but we had an amazing season. Hopefully, we should win our State finals on Friday the 17. Thanks to everyone on the team for making it this far and hope you guys do the same next year!