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Photo one - yay lost weight during ramadhan. Photo two - me after seeing the scale during raya. 🤪
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So much was celebrated the past weekend!
Hari raya, TIGA SOUL’s anniversary, father’s day and now it’s Deanna’s birthday!! To those who thought she was actually pregnant from my instastories, thank you. It was the best entertainment for me and Sasha that night 😂
To Deanna, I know you’re aware that you’ve saved me from very dark times in my life and that I literally don’t know what I’d do without your unconditional love and support. Our nonsensical humour is what I look forward to every time you come back home from college and thanks to your big heart, I’ve now made lifelong ties with the beautiful souls in your life too. I wish you nothing but the best and you know I’ve got your back for life ❤️ ....even when you always tell me Ting is right and I’m wrong 🙄
(and also, please stop stealing my clothes)


Dream closet item - check. Oversized denim jacket is great for anything honestly. It instantly adds that extra edge, it’s hella comfortable aaand the perfect cover to my food belly hehe. Thanks @dorothyperkins_my for always making my shopping experience enjoyable, even during Raya season 💙 #DPRaya #LoveDP #DorothyPerkinsMY


Raya kedua look ✨ Dah turun 6kg jadi dapatlah pinjam baju adik 😎 #TeamRayaKL


Me to myself : is this food coma worth it or nah? 🧐 | Selamat hari raya, friends! Hope everyone has an amazing time with your loved ones✨ #TeamRayaKL


Ha, casual. 💁🏻‍♀️
Sooooo @dorothyperkins_my has 0 GST now!! Jadi team raya KL, jom shopping? Pastu kita main mercun. Heh 😋 #DPRaya #DorothyPerkinsMY


Our cover just played on the radio!! Siapa dengar?? Hehe thank you so much @traxxfmofficial. Also special thanks to @mingimg, @shazee and @audimok for making this track possible ❤️ Are y’all getting the raya vibes yet? Here I am, playing it cool, although we all know that raya prep is gonna be chaotic 🙂 #maytheforcebewithyou


One with Yayasan Chow Kit kids \(^-^)/
We played games, taught basic vocal warm ups and sang a raya song, had a mini dance battle then had iftar together. These kids don’t know it but they’ve touched our hearts forever. YCK is currently the ONLY organisation for kids and teens operating in the Chow Kit area and they provide basic necessities, activities and social services for at-risk children. Every year these kids get a sponsorship for their baju raya but we found out that this year they didn’t get any. I really, really don’t want them to feel forgotten or be heartbroken by this, so if you’d like to help, please donate to the information in the next photo! This collaboration was initially to bring more awareness on ‘stateless kids’ in KL, but when we found out and seen how much genuine care and effort the staff put for these children EVERYDAY, we wanted to reach out and help make a difference even more. Every donation counts ❤️❤️❤️


New raya cover is on my channel, link in bio! ✨ TIGA SOUL is more than grateful to be blessed with the opportunity to meet and hang with the Yayasan Chow Kit kids. YCK is a 24-hour crisis and drop-in centre providing meals, activities, therapy, case management, ​and educational programmes for at-risk children of Chow Kit. MORE OF THEM HERE :
I hope this brings more awareness to these children and I hope each and every one of you can contribute into making this year’s raya for them even more special ❤️ @tigasoul_ #selokahariraya #yayasanchowkit #YCKkids


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Oh, London! How I missed you! .......... I wish. Ni belakang rumah je. 😅


Pasar seloka raya vibes ✨ Loving all the raya bazaars happening this weekend! Can’t wait for raya!! #ootd #ootdmy