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I studied . geography🌎.trade💹 .History🗿. environment 🏞 .Biology🌱🐋🐢🐼🦁🐯🐵
I love .Cinema🎬🎥. Fashion👒.Tourism trips✈.

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Thank you for everything ، rest in peace💔💔


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The old lake . The lake was formed 10,000 years ago, in the Holocene era, the second and last epoch of the quadriplegic period, representing the last period of geological time ... The lake is pear shaped with an area of ​​12.5 square kilometers and 70% of its area is about 5 to 5.5 Meters, and the remaining area has not been identified to the depth so far, and the length of about 4 km, and a width of 2 kilometers.

The location of the lake is strange in itself, since it is located in a desert 🏖🌊


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Today he completed 15 years happy birthday Jeju 🎂🎉🎊#CapetownSouthAfrica


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Will remain in our hearts💔💔💔💔


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My journey to the Mayan civilization ✈


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