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I've declared this my week to get ahead with writing story guides and paperwork. 😬 Spending some time today getting my thoughts organized and my priorities straight for the week ahead. I'm doing well with my exercise goal (it's a VERY gentle goal) but meal planning keeps getting the best of me. The children are STARVING when we get home from school and there is no time to cook. And I love to cook. Anybody have a go to weeknight meal? I think I need to learn to use my crock pot.


I have to brag on my teachers. Our kindergarten team members are working on language building this year using strategies from These teachers didn't have space for a play kitchen, so they made their own using a built in cabinet! Isn't it awesome! Scroll through for more detail shots! #ilovemyjob #playmatters


He looks so big lately. He's forever building fires, and he has been for as long as I can remember. I love that this phase has lasted. Tomorrow the fire truck is coming to his school, and he couldn't be more excited! #timeslowdown #bigboy


Somebody feels pretty puny this morning. She says her "funness" is still in her, but I don't see it. She's pitiful.


We made hungry monsters today at the end of our kindergarten PD (see our stories). We're going to have lots of fun learning during small group! These are a few ideas we used as examples! We'll use these for phonemic awareness, phonics, alphabet knowledge and word recognition- depending on what each child needs! Aren't they fun?


Worker man got some new tools! He's been a busy bee. I have been too. Y'all. I've been slammed this week with work, but it's sooo worth it. A parent stopped me in the hall (it was a kindergarten day) and said, he's reading so well! Is it this new program? Yes. Yes. Yes. The hard work of our Pre-K teachers is really paying off. Change is so, so hard. I'm so blessed to work with two amazing teams of teachers, Pre-K and kindergarten, who are willing to try new things and step out of their comfort zones. Ok. Back to work! Two trainings tomorrow!


Because a sweet insta- friend reached out to make sure we were okay- yes! We're still here! I started a new job in August- one that I LOOOVE, but that is keeping me very busy at night! I'll post more about that soon. I'm working with a fantastic group of kindergarten teachers along with my Pre-K friends this year. They really inspire me daily. For now- here's a little top we made with a CD, a marble, and a bottle cap last week when Brabham insisted on making "a toy." Thank goodness for my @tinkerlab book and a healthy stash of recyclables! We compared how long it would spin on various surfaces. VOCABULARY: FRICTION, SMOOTH, ROUGH, SURFACE


Ever since her first Halloween, we had to avoid Home Depot during the season. She would cry if we went near the front door- because it ALWAYS surprises me how early the (ridiculously scary) decorations come out. This year she faced her fears in a BIG way. I still can't get over it! Totally her idea. I mean, y'all, she touched every one. Pressed every button, and only screamed once! 😂 Vocabulary: TERRIFIED, COURAGE, ASTONISHED 😳


"There is going to be a hurricane." -Miss 5. Thankfully a tropical storm now. I keep trying to check on the big bend, but power is intermittent. It's a play dough, reading, writing, and art making kind of day. Everybody doing okay?


Sending lots of love to everyone in Irma's path. It's looking like she'll be a Cat 1 when she gets to us, and we may see the eye. We're prepared for power outages and no school for a few days, and we'll be fine. I spent my early childhood and nearly every school vacation for most of my life along Florida's #forgottencoast I've weathered many hurricanes and tropical storms in my life. This one has me worried. Not for my family, but for my favorite place on earth and all the people who live there. Ready for this thing to be over.


Somebody set up their own #sundaystilllife Isn't that apple on top 👌? When I was a teenager, my mother would set up invitations to draw after lunch in the summer. I've been thinking that some more 'formal' drawing time might be fun for us. I've had Drawing with Children in my Amazon cart for some time now. Has anyone used it?