Salt and Bone Smokehouse@saltandbonebbq

📍 Texas-style BBQ in Astoria, NY
🔥 Wood-fired, never gas
🍖 Always cooked low & slow
🤟🏼 #saltyboner

Who's looking to get saucy on this beautiful Thursday? #saltyboner


That feeling when the afternoon sun hits your sausage just right 🙌 [ps: trivia going down tonight at 8pm if you're looking to get weird] #saltyboner


Are we having a heat stroke or is this drumstick upside down and topped with potato salad? #saltyboner


Wings may be 5x less healthy than a salad, but they taste 100x times better. We're no Albert Einstein, but that math sounds like it's in our favor #saltyboner


"Voted The Absolute Worst BBQ In NYC, 2008" - fuck the haters #saltyboner


YES we play trivia every Wednesday and YES all three beers are just for us #saltyboner


Anyone else in the mood to get drunk off fancy cocktails after work? Patio is open and bar is stocked, just sayin... #saltyboner


When the BBQ spread is this good, nothing else matters #saltyboner


Just finished dinner and already looking forward to our next meal, ya feel us? #saltyboner [📷:@mslindsays]


We promise it's locally sourced, anti-biotic & hormone free and slowly smoked. Can't promise you'll be able to eat it with one hand though #saltyboner


Hey @michelinguide, please bask in a picture of our brisket & potato salad sandwich creation, delicately garnished with a BBQ sauce glaze. When can we expect our three stars? #saltyboner


John and Suzy go to @saltandbonebbq after 4pm and John gets 12 wood-fired buffalo wings. Suzy asks for a few of John's wings. How many wings does John have left? 12 - fuck Suzy #saltyboner