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On a major Moroccan outdoor oasis kick. It’s inspiring everything from my Brooklyn patio to what I’m envisioning for my wedding.
I love a space that feels full of magic and enchantment.
Morocco is one of the most inspiring places I’ve visited and I love the idea of bringing those vibes to life here in the states. #designinspiration
Image via @lilyrose, discovered on my Pinterest feed


New video is up! Switching things up this week with a @homegoods haul. Sharing what I bought, including this ceramic planter—you won’t believe how inexpensive it was! #homegoodsFTW
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Possibly the only psycho who is roasting sheet pans of veggies in this heat 😬 making ratatouille for my girls 💛
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This week’s artist pick is @_augustobm
“Find yourself in simplicity” 👈 from his insta profile
It amazes me to see how he captures so much beauty and form in such simple lines.
I am feeling inspired to draw 〰️ committing to just 15 minutes is all it takes. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look quite (anything!) like this—it’s just about play, practice, putting pen (or pencil) to paper.
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It’s cocktail o’clock.🍹✨
Link in bio to watch!


“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
— Maya Angelou
One of my favorite quotes. Just like love, creativity multiplies and expands the more you use it.
If I never discovered cooking as my first creative passion, I doubt I would have been guided to try painting.
Tonight, I’m taking a ballet class. I’ve taken one or two before but I have no background in dance, so I’m basically an absolute beginner. I love watching ballet and I love the feeling of moving my body in that way so I’m excited to explore it more formally, even if I’m not the most coordinated when it comes to choreographed dance!
Moving the body is such a powerful form of self-expression, and it really opens me up to be creative in other aspects my life. Have you shared a similar experience?
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Rainy day activities 🌧️🍹✨
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A little midday ice cream churn break ✨
Grilling pizza tonight so figured I would spice up the fresh strawberries and cherries I got at the market yesterday with some homemade vanilla ice cream.
Decided to add rose water at the last minute. Loving this idea because I always want vanilla ice cream with pie, and I think the rose flavor would pair well with most fruit pies.
See more on stories! Also asked there if you’d like to learn how to make ice cream so let me know.
Now to avoid eating this entire thing right now...
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New video is up!
3 simple pitcher cocktails for summer:
🍑 Rosé sangria with ginger and peach
🍉 The best watermelon margaritas with a surprise ingredient (this one is my absolute fave)
🥥 Coconut mojitos made with fresh coconut water and milk
Tap @salthousenyc for the link!
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It’s hard to make perfect guacamole if you’re following a recipe to a T. Every avocado is different, some limes are juicier, chilies vary in heat...
That’s why I created this video. It’s more about intuitive guacamole, letting your taste buds guide you.
I walk you through my process so that you can get it right every time.
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This is the first painting I’ve made that I think I’m going to hang up. 💫


I’ve been making it an intention to live by this mantra daily. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, and forget to focus on what fills up the soul. The question I ask myself is, what will my 65 or 80 year-old self care about? What will I remember? Yes, the work needs to happen, the bills need to get paid. But when we remember to take time to do even one small thing that makes our souls happy each day, everything else becomes easier and more joyful, too.
Image via @astrotwins, one of whom I had the pleasure of meeting at a wedding a few weeks ago (hi Ophi!). Check them out and read today’s post to see how this relates to what’s happening in the stars.
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