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@williamalbertallard Paris arrived yesterday. So beautiful. Thank you Bill for putting this together and for your years of friendship and inspiration. #paris #book @thephotosociety @natgeocreative


Snow comes to the south. #winter #snow #slowmotion

Sewanee, Tennessee

On my way home from an inspirational week at the National Geographic photo seminar. Thank you @natgeo @thephotosociety and all my colleagues who shared their work and their passion this week. #washingtondc

Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

The milky way spreads out across the night sky over the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa. The Drakensburg range makes up the eastern part of the great escarpment of the central African Plateau. Its a fabulous place.There is nothing like an African night sky to remind me of how big the world is. #za #southafrica #night #stars


The first dawn of 2018. 5 degrees and a flurry of snow, cold and beautiful dawn here on the Cumberland Plateau. I'm wishing everyone a very happy New Year. #2018 #dawn #hyperlapse @samsungmobileusa


Esfahan , Iran
Thinking of all my friends in Iran this New Year's eve. Hoping for a safe 2018 for you all.


The Christmas tree in my town is a giant holly tree. On foggy nights it glows. #christmastree

Sewanee, Tennessee

Driving into yesterday's worksite on assignment for @ancientartarchive I got a little too close to the gopro. You do get a nice view of th #rcimetalworks skids just before water covers the camera! #4runner


Jim Hewett near the bottom of Close to the Edge. After enlarging the constriction at 255 meters the 3 of us pushed the cave downward to 430 meters deep. Jim and I were waiting for Neeld to check the final lead and confirm we could go no deeper when I shot this portrait. We then began the arduous job of de-rigging our ropes and hauling them to the surface. #explore #cave #canada

British Columbia

Neeld Messler makes his way through a constriction at the bottom of the 255 meter deep entrance shaft. This is the crack we widened to allow us to barely squeeze through. I remember it taking almost 45 minutes to squeeze and shimmy down this head sized slot. On my first trip through a rock came tumbling down the passage while I was wedged inside. I couldn't move my head and could only watch it fall straight toward me. The rock broke the bridge of my nose but we still pushed the cave downward. #explore #britishcolumbia

British Columbia

Close to the Edge, Canada a Facebook post this morning reminded me of one of my first expeditions. Close to the Edge is a huge pit in the Canadian Rockies. Remote, cold, dangerous, it's entrance shaft is 255 meters deep. I was part of a 3 man crew that enlarged a blockage at the bottom of the cave and pushed downward to -430 meters. I remember riding south after the trip, crunching survey data in the back of a greyhound bus and calling friends from a payphone in Wyoming to announce we had explored what was the the second deepest cave in Canada. #throwbackthursday #britishcolumbia #explore

British Columbia

An eland Painted in the Gamepass Shelter. The San people of southern African had a rich and long painting tradition that extends into historic times. I shot this image even before I began the @ancientartarchive