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side streets⁣

I was briefly in Paris this past week and have had this city on my mind ever since, really need to get back here ASAP. What’s a place that always inspires you?⁣


Croatia 🇭🇷

Thanks for following along with me on this trip to Croatia, I will be hanging out in the comments here for a bit if you have questions about Croatia, travel, pizza, dogs etc 😘 #croatiafulloflife


loved the small towns of Istria // do you guys have any summer travel coming up? Let me know where in the comments below 👇🏻


killer light and a lovely glass of wine // 2 things that always go well together ✨🍷


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The crystalline waters of Pag #croatiafulloflife 💎


Beautiful Croatia 🇭🇷 // So nice to get a chance to properly explore this amazing place and after a week of running around, i can only say that I wish I had a couple more weeks here before heading home #croatiafulloflife


loving on the colors of zadar 🎨

@croatiafulloflife #zadar


blue + green // cruising over the Mediterranean at sunrise 💚⁣⁣

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Yesterday was one for the record books, out and about from sunrise to sunset checking out the beautiful region of Istria. Scoping out medieval towns, vineyards, national parks, boats, hunting for truffles, epic hotels and much more!⁣

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Early mornings in beautiful Zagreb, the capital of 🇭🇷 Croatia⁣

Stoked to be back here for the next week (for the long time followers you may remember when I was in Dubrovnik a couple years ago!) this time I’ll be exploring both Zagreb as well as the Istria region and as always HMU with any tips or must dos if you’ve been here before 🙌🏻

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