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Watch the music video for Change The World by clicking the link below. Joy, gratitude, compassion, love.

Hey, you look familiar. I might have loved you in some other life. 💞


@vitamikju is a national treasure and it's both a pleasure and an honor to share a stage with him! This is from the @houseoftease.seoul performance at Burlesque Cheongdam on Saturday, May 19.


See this gorgeous hair I'm sporting? This photo was taken nearly SIXTEEN HOURS after the artists at @salontheres_theres_sarah_ styled it. It survived a two hour rehearsal, two hours at the @seouljazzfestival, a full burlesque performance complete with costume changes, dancing, and striptease, AND the after-party. The hair was styled by Lucy at Salon There's at 12:30pm. This photo was 4am the next morning. Hot. Damn. They're gooooood. And they're fun to hang out with while your color sets! Go to them for all your hair needs. ❤️


These ladies right here!!! I've had the pleasure of watching the devastatingly talented @syberspace and @carolinetheviolinist perform with my pal @chrisbottimusic several times now, and they never cease to amaze me with their virtuosic musicality and ferociously beautiful stage presence. I'm endlessly inspired by the powerful women around me, and these two are shining their way through the world like the sparkling stars they are. #grateful


I'm grateful every time I sit behind a mic. ❤️


Started my day with an 8am conference call to discuss the second season of Make America Relate Again with some exciting new collaborators in LA. Then had to get ready to head out in only fifteen minutes, so my hair got the old faux pompadour treatment to save time. Hustlers look good no matter what! Big announcements about the podcast coming soon, stay tuned!


We are human and therefore imperfect in all that we do. As a singer, that's a rough reality to face. We always want to be perfect, but the notes aren't always perfect. The riffs aren't always as clean as you want them be. Sometimes you're tired and overworked, and your voice isn't as flexible or powerful as you know it could be. But when you sing from the heart, you always win. That's the one constant we've got. Photo by @robertmichaelevans courtesy of @houseoftease.seoul.


The gorgeous cast of the first show ever at Burlesque Cheongdam. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹PM me for details on the next one...


This beautiful piece by @theartofseth illustrates perfectly the kind of person I want to be. ❤️


Visionary artists inspire and empower me to hone my own skills and expand my horizons, and this woman right here is a total powerhouse. None of us can achieve our fullest potential alone, and the greatest artistic and personal growth always happens through collaboration with others. We all have the choice to lift each other up or tear each other down. I'd rather rise higher while also elevating others than elevate myself by stepping on others. You can choose to be intimidated and to feel less-than when you meet powerful people - or you can choose to be inspired and to learn from them. Which do you choose?


I am a lioness. Photo by @robertmichaelevans.


Gorgeous spring weather bringing out all my bright colors. ❤️🌷🌺🌸🌹🌼


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