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💓Click on the YouTube link below to see and listen to the whole video of our beloved brother Ponti’s “Grandma song”💓


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Today makes 4 yrs since our Uso Papali'i Ponti Jessop passed on to a much better place. This video was taken about 15yrs ago during a BBQ/ jam session at our house. He wrote this song for his grandma who passed on and It’s still one of my favorite songs ever. His voice always gives me chicken skin every time I hear this. Rest in love my Uso! Give grandma a hug from us. 🙏🏽We will never forget you! 💓💓Please click on the link in my bio to see and listen to the whole video and song 💓💓


I was stoked to meet @teddyriner the other day. He’s a 2x Olympic and 10x World Champion gold medalist Judoka. Straight BEAST at 6’8” 300lbs, but seems like a gentile giant when he’s not in his Judogi 🥋🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇


“Slow feet don’t eat but quick hips can sink ships” @kawej_16 helping @bigredsam92 with his agility and footwork. @tmf_elite will make you right! 🤙🏽 #nodaysoff 🔷⚔️🔶#TMF


I stood in as @bigredsam92’s tackling dummy for today’s grass drills but I thought he was just gonna break down and wrap up, not throw me up in the air! Watch my face! 🤣 Also some clips of get offs and ladder drills on the hill across the street from our house 🌅#NoOffSeason #luckywelivehawaii


At the end of our workouts @bigredsam92 and I like to do a little burn out game of “follow the leader”. Last night we had a pretty good challenge going on! 💪🏽Always strapped up for safety with our @cardilloweightbelts when we do these burn out blitzes!


❤️Cooked my loves a special Valentines dinner tonight😍 Rack of lamb, ahi katsu, lemon garlic Ono and spicy taro chunks. (Mahalo for the kalo @lonologan)! Hope everyone had a beautiful Valentines Day! 🌹. (Yah, Ok....back to Top Ramen tomorrow night)😜


Birthday Love from my family💓 Mahalo @ms_laurynhill for the surprise bday party last night! 😜


🏃🏽‍♀️💨Attention all parents of student athletes of any sport on Oahu (ages 5 and up). Here’s a chance to sign up for a great clinic that will help improve your child’s speed, quickness and over all athleticism. They’ll learn a lot, meet new friends and get inspired! There is no age limit so even you can join too! Sign up today! 🤙🏽#ThereIsNoOffSeason! 🏃🏽‍♂️💨


Thank you @mgunnz_wp for being such a big part of @bigredsam92’s life and success both on and off the field. You, along with so many other coaches/ trainers who are tagged in this post are the ones who helped develop and mold him 🤟🏽Fa’afetai tele lava mo lou alofa ma fesoasoani 🙏🏽


🤯 Things that make you go 🤔


Some media coverage of @bigredsam92 and @micah.mariteragi at today’s signing. #RR4L #OahuWahoos