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Hi everyone, Linda needs a home. Rottweiler, 2-3 years old, no microchip. Very gentle in the hour I spent with her. She came to me, let me carry her up the stairs. Will post videos in my story. I'm calling her Linda because she's beautiful inside and out. The gentlemen who helped me rescue her has taken her to ACC Brooklyn. Yesterday I tried, and was a minute too slow, to save another dog's life, and I'm determined to see that Linda ends up with someone who will give her a great life. If you are seriously interested in adopting her, please message me.


[Sunshine, I hope you don't mind]
good thing you had to catch that train
the beta fish I keep in a rib cage
would have leapt right through your fingers
to the floor of penn station
you hate to see any creature injured
and beta male me sweet and unsmooth as demerara
concurred, catch that train

surface with the light gone
like wednesday we came up at atlantic
and you spit twice the length of your body
teach me

Thanks @josephejanus for this view and encouraging me to share some #poetry

#fireworks #timetravel #crush


Merci @macha.sbrl (🎥) @celestinegraff et @margot.fds <3
🎶a word search works to move closer
and crosswords wake up the lonely know-it-all child
who might stay sleeping forever in your arms
#sealion by #samuelworthen #wordsearch


"We could stand for a century
staring with our heads cocked in the broad daylight
at this thing joy, landlocked in bodies that don't keep
dumbstruck with the sweetness of being"

#Joannanewsom's words from #Emily
#summer #solstice

Merci @celestinegraff 📷


@yoox #ibiza #blue


Thank you to everyone who came to last night's show at Berlin!
Special thanks to @_sanct_ for this photo, @coldweatherboy for their inspiring set, @celestinegraff @ethan_nks and @noah_chenfeld for bringing my songs to life, @foley_nyc for sound, @harrypearc for video, and @cotillonflowers for booking the show.

@matt4newyork @thejosco @leshowbiz @jaylincarlson @smilesguthrie @zacksegel @radon_radel @shanelleinfante @cjchuapoco @daniela_s_gutmann @skygilbert @dallasalberti @madijeanreal @ankitasankla @newyorkcityjean @filssun @djjpops @hbogz @morganedge___ @egleeet thank you for being there and making it such a happy night.



Please join us for a night of music this Friday at Berlin! I'm excited to share a bill with old friends @coldweatherboy and play new songs with my new friends @celestinegraff @noah_chenfeld and @ethan_nks
We made sure that cover is only $5.
If you draw your best #sealion and bring your drawing to the show, it's my treat.
#new #joyful #music
#samuelworthen & #coldweatherboy


@yoox spring/summer lookbook

#yoox #Ibiza #blue #suit

Grazie mille!


@_sanct_ by AJ Li on #hypebeast
Proud of my friend and proud to be included in her inspiring work. Thank you @hypebeast for sharing.
Link to article on the collection in my bio #sanct


for each year I loved you and didn't buy you flowers
#blackandwhite #chrysanthemums #pangea