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Listen to "Easy"! (link below) for inquiries, please contact [email protected]
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Thank you @red_models for featuring my music in our new video. I'm grateful for everything you all have made possible for me.
photography by @schweigeroy
starring @djbamba_ @michael.lockley @amazingledom @theloneblackrose @yerim_ko_ @rori.grenert and @mbugby Thanks for a fun day on set, everyone. You look fly, and I hope you like the soundtrack!


Photo by @dc_concertraptors. Thank you for this memory of a wonderful evening and thank you @otherfeels for making it happen. #DC #concertraptors #otherfeels flugelhorn #light #darkness


My first music video! Link in my bio.

For this video for "Easy", forty-eight people who make me happy each told me about a person who makes them happy. To everyone in the video, from my heart, thank you for being part of it. To everyone, I hope this video makes you happy!


starring @camillafrederico @kittenjuice @ahnhela @banawama @henrypearc @matt4newyork @leshowbiz @ilirshanja @smilesguthrie @seaux_dreamy @hbogz @sweetpotatobarn @jonathanvkoh @zacksegel @jpaulette20 @adriannoir @sheanigist @tgreis @filssun @preposteroff @haroon_algilani @kat52project @johnwbabin @thejosco @kylegjoseph @djjpops @coldweatherboy @dallasalberti @foley_nyc


"Easy" is out! Spotify link in my bio!

For Apple Music, and all other streaming services, search "Samuel Worthen" and I'll be the only one :) Thank you for listening! <3 Samuel
. . . . .
produced by @kylegjoseph (also played bass)
featuring @birdfishrabbit on drums
cover photo by @schweigeroy
cover by @ahnhela
song by Samuel Worthen (vocals, guitars, trumpets)


Congratulations to Miles @smilesguthrie on the release of Pow Pow Family Band's debut "All Right"! Check it out on Spotify! The link is in my bio.
Also, please come see our release show tomorrow at 8PM at The Park Church Co-op in Greenpoint <3

#powpow #familyband #allright


Dear colleagues at SASF, thank you for this lovely surprise! I don't know if any of you will see this on instagram, but in case you do somehow, you made my day! <3 "Mr. Pearce"


FIRST SINGLE "Easy" out 02/14/18! Produced by @kylegjoseph, featuring @birdfishrabbit on drums. Valentine's Day happened to be the earliest possible release date, and I hesitated, thinking people might "be busy." Then it occurred to me that on this day, I have *never* had plans and have *always* been ready for a danceable unrequited love song. So, for like-minded individuals (and lovers too!) it will be my pleasure to share this one with you. <3 Samuel


outside stardust
by @lilyfofana


Thank you for this wonderful day, everyone!
photo by @laurenloncar
just-right haircut by @thisisclay
Thanks for posting this, @laulauren!
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Dear Friends, I just posted my first live video! This is "Pangea" at Berlin. To watch the whole song, please click the link in my bio. I just started a "Samuel Worthen" youtube channel, so please feel free to subscribe! My plan is to post a song on the first of each month. Thank you for listening. <3 Samuel
Filmed by Serena Alwani
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by Joey @thejosco
one fun property of wheat-free pasta
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