Sanctity Of Space@sanctityofspace

A film about the alchemy of landscape and people amidst the mountains of Alaska

The ‘why’ of alpine climbing is often so hard to describe. We want to evoke it’s feeling and spirit. The small moments of joy and wonder that answer the question without words. #sanctityofspace


The summit of Mount Huntington, Denali National Park. @sheldonchalet @blackdiamond @goalzero @talkeetnaair @thehighexpedition


@alexhonnold workin’ a wide crack on a granite buttress below the Mooses Tooth in the Great Gorge, Denali National Park. // photo @freddiewilkinson


Mount Johnson. // @freddiewilkinson photo


Big mountains, tiny humans. // photo by @freddiewilkinson


Glacial textures in the Wrangell - St. Elias Mountains. // photo by @sanctityofspace director @freddiewilkinson


“Legendary photographer/explorer Brad Washburn and his wife Barbara from his personal collection for our #sanctityofspace film. Great to spend a few days this week with editor @ebarnett210 and assistant editor @williamjeromebentley watching the first full assembly edit of the feature doc. It was a whirlwind of note cards, structure conversations and NYC culture with co-director @freddiewilkinson and producer @taylorfreesolo. Looking forward to sharing more as we get deeper into the process to bring this long term passion project to life!” - co-director @renan_ozturk


@sanctityofspace editor @austin_siadak photo // The summit register tells the truth. Or, at least an altitude-warped, sleep-deprived, muscles-aching, dehydrated, and ravenously hungry version of it.


Fire in the sky over Mt Foraker. Foraker is ~17K feet tall, is the second highest peak in the AK range after Denali and has some of the most classy climbing routes in the range. #climbalaska @alaskamountaineeringschool


The beauty of the Alaska Range is evident not only in its high summits, but also in the vast river plain below its southern glaciers, which supports an incredible eco-system of wildlife. Roughly the size of West Virginia, the Mat-Su Valley is home to everything from moose and grizzly bear to king salmon, while its soil produces world record cabbages and other produce — all of which rely on the rivers to sustain them in one way or another. On June 29th, 2016, Governor Bill Walker announced he would stop funding a massive government-led project to dam the upper Susitna River in the nearby Talkeetna Mountains. Although a significant environmental victory, there’s no guarantee future administrations might try to restart the project. May these Alaskan waters run free — forever and always.


SOS director @freddiewilkinson deep in the archives: "The Mooses Tooth Massif, photographed in 1955 from 70,000 feet via a U2 spy plane. This cropped image, from a 9" x 15" (!!) negative, is one of a series of photos taken by the US Air Force at the bequest of Bradford Washburn for his legendary map of Mt. Mckinley, which was published in 1960 after 13 years of field work. Photo courtesy of the Alaska and Polar Regions Collections"
@uafrasmusonlibrary #sanctityofspace #thesearchcontinues #bradfordwashburn


From left to right, Mt Foraker, Mt Hunter or 'Begguya' and Denali, North America's highest point, with the mighty Susitna River electrified in the foreground. Just when we thought the night was over the show began and I desperately bungee-tied my camera in position after coming up short for a tripod baseplate. #nothernlights #auroraborealis @alaskamountaineeringschool #nps100 #climbalaska