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Image: Dhritiman Mukherjee // The Sanctuary Nature Foundation (@sanctuaryasia) is pleased to announce the release of a monetary grant worth Rs. 50,000/- from its flagship Mud on Boots Project to grassroots #conservationist Sevaram Malli Parihar for his #conservation work in #Rajasthan.Parihar lives in the village of #Kheechan, which serves as a winter #migration site for thousands of #Demoiselle #Cranes from Southern Europe, North Africa, and parts of Russia. Other than rescuing and treating injured #birds, Parihar has been a relentless and successful advocate for their conservation.
Upon discovering that cranes were being electrocuted by the high-voltage electric poles erected around their feeding grounds in Kheechan, he filed complaints with the Deputy Collector of Phallodi tehsil. Since then, he has been monitoring the deaths of #DemoiselleCranes due to these high power electric currents, and has written countless letters to the electricity board and other authorities in an effort to resolve the issue. Parihar’s activism bore fruit in October 2017 when the High Court took cognizance of his advocacy, and stipulated measures for the conservation of Demoiselle Cranes in Kheechan. The court directed the relocation of five towers of 400 KV electricity that pose a risk to the cranes; the extension of the cranes’ feeding grounds by 3000 sq. m.; the reservation of 100 acres of land for the movement of cranes; and the provision of three new water tanks during the migration months. Further, the court ordered for an expert committee to be instituted under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary of Rajasthan State to look into protecting the movement of the cranes.
The Sanctuary Nature Foundation’s Mud On Boots Project empowers and support grassroots conservationists across #India, regardless of their academic qualifications or affiliations. This particular grant was made possible by the generosity of artist Shilpa Sharma, co-founder of Jaypore, who held a fundraiser for the cause in November 2017. To support the Mud on Boots Project write


@Regranned from @kalyanvarma - Watch BBCOne tomorrow @8pm in UK to see this juvenile clouded leopard trying to learn the ropes of hunting in the canopy. #remotetrigger
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While in Arunachal Pradesh, @maitreyeemujumdar, our Mud On Boots Project Co-ordinator, explored the work of Project Leader Anoko Mega who focuses on the #conservation of the eastern hoolock #gibbon. Mega is fighting superstitions against this beautiful #primate through intensive education workshops and is working to conserve gibbon #habitat in the area around the #Mehao #Wildlife Sanctuary. Extensive #forest loss and fragmentation have led to #hoolockgibbon families being stuck in islanded patches of forest in the midst of farmlands. Mega is working with land-owners to protect and expand these habitats.
The Mud on Boots Project is a @sanctuaryasia programme that empowers grassroots #conservationists. To support the project, write to @carapiranha at

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Image: Syed Ali Husain - Special Mention - The Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 // The Jungle Gods: This spectacular scene could well be straight out of the #JungleBook! #Corbett’s lush emerald #vegetation and water sources are a magnet for the gentle giants. As the #photographer waited at a distance from the #waterhole, a herd of #elephants following its matriarch leader emerged through the thickets just as the silver light pierced through the canopy above. The cane and mango #trees along with the delicate #ferns beautifully frame the elephants in this quiet, serene moment.

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@Regranned from @purvavariyar - Everytime I learn of any of my friends making a trip to a #beach, I annoy them into getting me a sample of #sand grains. There are quite a few who will complain. But I am not complaining! Feast your eyes on this pinch of sand that @carapiranha got me from #Goa. Not every sample from every #beach yields such fantastic #biological sediments! This is literally only the second time from among the six to seven beach sand samples that i have collected and observed under a microscope that has carried such brilliant array of #forams, #micromollusks, #coral fragments, #sponge spicules, broken sea #shell parts among other abiotic, weathered rock sediments and minerals, that got to the beach from far and wide, through hundreds and thousands of years and each one of these grains has an incredible story to tell !
Thank you @carapiranha!

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Image: Sanjay Das - Special Mention - The Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2014 // Blind Ballet: In the Lohit #river near #Assam’s Dibru-Saikhowa National Park, a blind Gangetic #dolphin/South Asia river dolphin Platanista gangetica breaks the surface of the water. Known as ‘#porpoising’ or ‘bowing’, the leaps of these aquatic #animals are over in a split second and near impossible to #photograph. In its silt-laden murky waters, the #cetacean uses #sonar to navigate and hunt. Years spent focusing on the #conservation of this beleaguered #species gave the photographer the opportunity to capture this rare sight.

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@Regranned from @danpiraro - At this point, the thought foremost in my mind is that I hope that Tiny Hands and his science-denying cronies are one day drowned in their own limousines because Manhattan is underwater. #NoThatDoesntMakeMuchSenseButTheFantasySoothesMe #tbt
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Our Mud on Boots Project Coordinator @maitreyeemujumdar is back from an 18-day fieldtrip during which she visited our Project Leaders in #northeast #India! In #Assam, she accompanied Project Leader Manoj Gogoi on a nature trail for children from a local school near #Kaziranga National Park. Manoj introduced the kids to many interesting facts about the #wild, and while explaining how to differentiate one #tiger from another, actually used ferns to explain stripe-pattern variations! Maitreyee also witnessed Manoj rescue a 10-feet-long python from a village home and release it back into the wild. Manoj is affiliated with The Corbett Foundation. He focuses on human-wildlife conflict, wildlife rescues in the area, and regularly conducts awareness workshops for the locals living around Kaziranga.
The Mud on Boots Project is a @sanctuaryasia programme designed to empower grassroots #conservationists. To support the project, write to @carapiranha at

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@Regranned from @sandesh_kadur - The Iyambere silverback poses momentarily for a picture. I’m back at #volcanoesnationalpark in #Rwanda & its been a wonderful culmination of traveling 3 weeks across Africa. The highly endangered Mountain gorilla is the Cherry on top & for good reason. Everyone had a great time spending a magical hour with these great apes. #mammalwatching #felisimages #ngexpeditions @natgeoexpeditions #AfricaGeoPhoto #africabyprivatejet #mountaingorilla - #regrann


Image: Dr. Y.V. Jhala // An Asiatic #lioness stutters to her feet after radio-collaring, still disoriented under the effect of the dissociative anesthetic, while other pride members inspect her new necklace. "I gathered a lot more than just data from these beautiful #cats who taught me the power of patience, compassion and bonding as we witnessed in awe the many secrets of a #carnivore sharing space with its biped hetero-specifics. Information from these four #lionesses (and their groups) and previously-collared individuals from the landscape helped us slowly join the bits of the puzzle about how a large carnivore co-exists with #humans. We could infer that lionesses inhabiting outside the Protected Area (PA) used areas of about 110 sq. km., twice as large as their cousins living within PAs. Male #asiaticlions ranged over areas three times larger than their PA counterparts. This was primarily because of the patchiness of available resources (food and refuge) in the human-dominated landscape, which required them to have large territories to encompass their minimum requirements," writes Stotra Chakrabarti as he reflects on four years spent tracking four lionesses and their prides in the human-dominated landscape outside the #Gir National Park, #Gujarat.
Read the full story of 'Belling The Cat - Using Telemetry to Study Lions In People's Backyards'. Link in bio.


Our Mud on Boots Project Coordinator @maitreyeemujumdar is back from an 18-day fieldtrip during which she visited our Project Leaders in #northeast India! In #Fakim, a village situated close to the Indo-Burma border in #Nagaland, she spent time with Project Leaders Tsuseki and Limthure Yimchunger. Here, she attended a citizens’ meeting, hiked through community managed forests, and discussed poaching with the Fakim Village Council. Though wild animal #pelts and skulls adorn some houses in Fakim, the council is taking a firm stance against hunting in recognition of the dwindling #biodiversity in their #forests. Tsuseki and Limthure run the #Bhutan Glory Eco Club in the village and are nurturing a culture of #conservation amongst their #tribal community via #conservation workshops, the reforestation of jhum (slash and burn) -impacted land and surveys of various #wildlife. The duo are also recording the biodiversity of the region and have been trained in camera-work at The Green Hub, a youth and community based video documentation centre in Assam The Mud on Boots Project is a @sanctuaryasia programme that empowers grassroots #conservationists. To support the project, write to @carapiranha at


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