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It was all a dream


When the bride mentions there are some beautiful trees up the road from the venue but the land belongs to the prison.. How could we not!?


Moments like these.


What would a wedding be without bridesmaids?


The bride insisted on having ferns in her bouquets. We were made for each other. 😍


They made it official 👏🏽


Another personal post. That I edited on my phone. Because, well, newborns like to be held, a lot. All the time, a lot. And we’re lucky, Z is super chill. But, what used to take 2 solid work sessions now takes about 68 mini work sessions. Not complaining, love these guys more than I could ever put into words and love my job so much it doesn’t feel like work. Anyways, this is R, looking goofy but so wise. Just as she is.


They warn you about postpartum hormones but they stop acknowledging them a couple of weeks after birth. People stop asking how you’re doing and are more focussed on the adorable baby (fair enough) but are yet to realize these could be some of the hardest days of your life.
For me, I was on cloud 9 the first couple of weeks after birth. I had my dream labour and delivery, my children were healthy and my partner was amazing and supportive. It wasn’t until weeks 3 & 4 that I got hit hard. For the first few days, I read affirmations and shifted my perspective. Then, I recall saying “I’m tired of convincing myself I’m ok”. I knew I was blessed, but that wasn’t enough. People being in my space made me uneasy, I didn’t want to ask for help and started to feel like a victim.
Thankfully, I feel like myself again. It took letting go of unrealistic expectations of myself, of my daughter, of my friends and family and the people around me.
Moral of the story, if you’re thinking of someone, tell them. If you see something beautiful in someone, tell them.
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Keep going


Sunset on her breath.


Double the love.


Don’t believe in manifestation?
I rarely book newborn sessions. I personally don’t jive with swaddling babies up and posing them in unnatural positions for a cute photo. I am way more drawn to documentary style newborn or lifestyle family sessions. Having the pleasure of witnessing the connection between family members, the vulnerability and strength of new parents and the bond so quickly developed between newborn and mother/father.
Anyways, lately I have taken a big step back from work and as sad as it has made me to turn down some amazing sessions, I knew I would want to focus on our family at this time. Being 2 days past our due date with our second child now, I have been focusing on all things baby. And guess what? I have had more newborn inquires than ever.
Buddha said it best, “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”