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🚨Baby alert 🚨 Eloise the siamang welcomed a wee surprise last week. 🍼🎉 Although the 37-year-old had been on birth control as part of the Species Survival Plan, any birth of an endangered species like this siamang infant is a reason to celebrate. Keep tabs on them on Ape Cam (link in bio) #babyannouncement #surprisebaby #endangeredspecies #sandiegozoo


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OMGZ #Caturday! Fishing cats are native to South & Southeast Asia and are threatened by destruction of wetlands. Their numbers have declined over the last decade, but we're part of the Species Survival Plan and have had a total of 34 #fishingcats born here. 📷: Liz Sauer #catstagram #catsofinstagram #EndExtinction


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#FossaFriday Myth-Busting Edition! False #fossa legends include the belief that their scent kills poultry, they can contract their eye pupils so they will disappear completely, and they creep into homes and steal babies from their cribs. 📷: Debbie Beals #FossaFierce #SanDiegoZoo


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The orchid family is the 2nd-largest family of plants. Many are endangered due to habitat destruction and over-collection. Our #OrchidOdyssey greenhouse, with more than 900 taxa, provides an appropriate environment for plants that have been confiscated from the illegal #orchid trade. Come see for yourself every 3rd Friday of the month from 10am-2pm. #PlantPower #plantsofinstagram #SanDiegoZoo


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Paws and appreciate the simple bear necessities. 🐻 Brown bears are true omnivores and eat anything nutritious that they find. Most of their diet consists of plant matter, but they'll eat meat if it’s on the menu. #bearnecessities #grizzlybear #sandiegozoo #omnivoreforlife


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Hip hippo-ray! This #TonyTuesday throwback is really just an excuse to use the new hippo emoji 🦛🦛🦛🦛🦛🦛🦛🦛🦛🦛 Show us how you feel about the new hippo emoji, in emojis. 😍👌 #emojichallenge #hippoemoji #hippopotamus #throwback #sandiegozoo


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It's what's on the inside that counts. 😜 #GoldenLionTamarins get their name from their impressive manes, which are reminiscent of Africa's great cats. These rare primates can be seen in Parker Aviary. 📷: Ion Moe #SelfieOfTheDay #MondayMotivation


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❄️🐻#PolarBearWeek is almost over, but it's never too late to reduce your carbon footprint. These Arctic ambassadors rely on sea ice to hunt, which is drastically declining due to #climatechange. The time to act is now. Try to reduce your energy usage at home and see if there are sustainable energy alternatives. You can save them.
#weneediceicebaby #switchtosolar #carbonfootprint


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The #AnnasHummingbird is commonly seen in #SanDiego gardens all year. It was named for a 19th-century duchess, Anna Massena. The male bird has a red throat and crown. 📷: Ian Gill
More fun #hummingbird facts: 1) Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backward.

2) The average hummingbird eats half its weight in sugar every day.

3) It’s estimated that the average hummingbird needs a meal every 15 minutes.

4) To conserve energy, a hummingbird’s body temperature drops from 105 degrees F to as low as 65 degrees F at night.
#birdstagram #SanDiegoZoo


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⬆️Hyrax ⬇️Lorax ▪️Did you know that the rock hyrax is one of the closest living relatives of the elephant? It has similar teeth, toes, and skull structures to that of an elephant’s. More importantly, the #rockhyrax shares an ancestor with the elephant. The hyrax’s strong molars grind up tough vegetation, and two large incisor teeth grow out to be tiny tusks, just like an elephant’s. 📷: Darren Winograd #SanDiegoZoo


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Snow days, hammocks, mud baths, puzzles, rock climbing, social engagements, and more. It’s not an ad for a trip—it’s a few aspects of our enrichment program. Find out how Enrichment Is Serious Fun in this week’s ZOONOOZ Online article. Link in bio. #SanDiegoZoo #EndExtinction


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Gao might be gone from Panda Trek, but he'll never be forgotten. We invite you to share your favorite memories of our papa bear in the comments below. 🐼 #pandas #endextinction #GaoGao #sandiegozoo 📷Mollie Rivera