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Red Fox | Photograph Msaaed Al-Gharibah (@msaaed_algharibah)
“The Arabian Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes arabica) is a subspecies of the Red Fox and is native to Arabia, and has adapted to life in the desert,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Msaaed Al-Gharibah. “It inhabits virtually every environment in Arabia from the desert to mountains, to the cities along the coast.”

“Wow! The light in this photo is so sharp and beautiful. Working with an element such as that within your image makes this moment stand out from other wildlife images. If you would have photographed this Red Fox just standing in a field, then it’s just a Red Fox in a field. But because you have a nice mix of light and shadows, the photograph just stands out above the rest. Nice work.” — @natgeoyourshot Senior Producer Matt Adams (@themattadams)


Photo by @amivitale | Yusuf watches over Kilifi and the other young rhinos at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (@lewa_wildlife) in 2013. This was my first glimpse into the unwavering commitment of these keepers and the sacrifices they make to protect endangered animals. Kilifi was one of about 4,500 black rhinos remaining on the planet. He was feisty, social and adored by everyone who met him.

In honor of World Rhino Day on Sept. 22, I am sharing some of my favorite images of these magnificent, ancient creatures. Together we can work to save them. Please visit and support the communities that protect them. Follow @amivitale @grumetifund @lewa_wildlife @olpejeta & @nrt_kenya to learn more.

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One of the fantastic experiences to discover Newfoundland the last days with @canadagoose The weather was so changing, rainy, windy, dramatic and sunny... #cgxnewfoundland


Adelboden - Switzerland ✨❤️❤️❤️✨
Picture by ✨✨@harinehas✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature ❤️


Photo by @narcos_cockerspaniel
Narcos (@narcos_cockerspaniel), an English cocker spaniel, puts a little bounce into #WHPmotion.


Photo by @christianziegler: Portrait of a bonobo, once called the pygmy chimpanzee. Bonobos are a unique species of ape, native only to forests on the left bank of the Congo River. #Bonobos #DemocraticRepublicOfTheCongo #Wildlife


“You’re such a fluffy... 🎤 by Lil Pup” writes @popeyethefoodie


La periodista @ivanaszerman recorre la cuenca Matanza-Riachuelo para saber cuál es hoy la situación del río y cómo viven las familias que están expuestas a la contaminación ¡No te pierdas "Buenos Aires, Malas Aguas", el nuevo episodio de #ExplorerInvestigation! 📺⬇
Martes, 8 PM PE. 
9 PM MEX. 
9.30 PM COL.
10 PM ARG. 
10 PM CHI.


Photo by @jessicasamplegram // Hanoi is a city full of balanced chaos like this photo of a delivery man carrying several large flower displays on his scooter. The streets of Hanoi are flooded with 5 million motorbikes carrying everything from live animals, wares to sell, and families five people deep. This all could soon change as the city is planning to ban the popular but polluting bikes by 2030 to help ease traffic congestion and air pollution. #hanoi #vietnam


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