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Just a little Rose in a film called HEARTS BEAT LOUD 🥀



“listen listen, I’m on to something ..hold up, how does it look from that angle ?..ok ok, but ya do you feel me? ...ahaha ya no you right I’m prolly crazy”


#rose 🥀


come along


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every color is running through me .
Woke up to meditation and was then hit with phone calls that sent me into tears followed by a nice long walk that gave me some peace followed by more hard phone calls that then led to tears of passion so i started writing some ideas down and now i can’t sit still but also a major part of me wants to lay on the ground and cry but I also feel like I’ve got twinkles running through my veins so how could I possibly ignore those ?
Should I hold a crystal ?, not right now , I need pen and paper and a door to bang my head into when it strays and then I need to tell myself not to be so hard on me cause me gonna find her way always and we gone live a little longer SIS


🔥happy birthday baby @skullfuck420 🔥🌈 Ima need you to wait for me to give u ur present in person...EEEEK jk just speaking aloud right now K have the best fucking day although I know you will cause u won’t let anyone ruin it
#SGReeemix 😘😘😘




fuck, I miss a good damn near gonna break right this second but the trees giving us some extra faith swing


energy + conversation


my relationship with God and the universe feels like a waterfall being poured down through me
So I forever am floating and learning and growing and getting closer to self
I may stumble , turn a dark path, but I will always return to the light inside of me and that i feel around me
I hope it’s spreading . I love you .


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