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I just had a dream that I was a top Democratic strategist debating a Republican on CNN. I think I’ve been watching the news too much 😂


thank you for all of your love and positivity during this difficult time in my life 💗 ily


12/8/17 ... He took a piece of my heart with him.


Our first and last pictures together. Today I lost my best friend, my protector and my big baby. I feel so numb...... Rest In Peace to the greatest, silliest, most gentle and loving dog I’ve ever had. I feel honored to have grown up with you Kitty. I’ll never forget you, ever. You will always be one of a kind. You were always there for me for everything, and in return I was there for you until the end. You loved and cared deeply. I am completely devastated and empty inside, but I know you are in a better place. I love you and I will always miss you.


dis was still an iconic look ✨🦄


i started uploading on my soundcloud, and 99% of the time it will just be me practicing LOL


mood 🙄


I know I’ve been very lowkey lately about music, but I’m working on something and I cannot wait for y’all to hear it. Whether I’m modeling for companies, or singing, just remember that music will always be my number one priority and I work very hard every day on perfecting my craft. I put way more energy into that. I want my music to be authentic and totally me with my own unique sound, and I’m a perfectionist so at times it may take longer than expected for musical projects to be finished. But I know the vision I’m trying to get across and trust me when I tell you all that I’m working hard to achieve my goals, despite certain life situations I have going on. Love y’all 💗 And once I’m healed from being sick (hopefully) I want to start uploading covers this month, so watch out for that 👀


Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity 💗 (tagged the makeup brands I used for this look ✨)


all smiles ☆ (top: @honeybum choker: @zara )


Decide to make life good 💗


a sunbathing princess ☀️


I have never been so proud of our society today regarding everyone who is stepping forward and calling out every person who has hurt them in a sexual way. Whether it was harassment, rape, or any kind of assault. People seem to think that sexual harassment, sexual abuse or sexual assault is a joke. Sexual crimes / harassment are never a joke and should be taken very seriously. ALL of us survivors are in this together, not just as women, because it is not just us. There are BRAVE men speaking out. But as human beings. We cannot allow the ignorance or hatred of others to discourage us from having a voice. My voice will never be silent on this subject. I’ve always been very vocal about it, and that will never change. 📢🗯️✊🏽 I am SO very proud of this movement, and so very excited to see our culture slowly change 💕 #MeToo


mood because predators are being exposed in society ♡ !! ⛅️ i live for it


🎥 behind the scenes


New YouTube video up! “I Got Plastic Surgery To Look Like Ariana Grande?” Link in my bio. I’ll be responding to comments 🍷 tea was spilled


grow 🌱💗




believe it or not this picture was my very first attempt at a smokey eye 🖤


y’all already know what i’m about to get addicted to. #acpc #animalcrossingpocketcamp 😂 👌🏽


happy 💕


your perception is not my reality 💡


fresh outta the shower 🚿


Despite all of the insane, stressful and dangerous things that have happened on my road trip to Washington, the scenery of western America never fails to completely wow me. Despite what our country is going through, or just what YOU are going through in life, pause and enjoy the nature around you. Enjoy the little things, every moment of every day life. Focus on what God has blessed you with and never take that breath in your lungs for granted. Be grateful for everything, be kind to everyone, and be a positive light 💡 💗 Inspire, be inspired, and never quit your journey.

Saint Regis, Montana

Go watch Daniel & I’s new video (The Sibling Tag) link in bio 🤙🏽🤙🏽 👦🏽👩🏽


this entire week got me like