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singer 🎤 music major 🎶 freelance model 📷

So college has been the best time of my life so far 💗 I love waking up every day (mon-thurs) doing what I absolutely love which is singing, training and learning 🎼🎶 Getting that important base knowledge that will make it possible for me to be a professional-level musician. Being a professional with my career is 100% my goal, so I am so blessed to have my instructors, tutors and professors pushing me. When I get one measure with a different time signature, not in common time wrong on a staff, redo it. When a note isn’t resonant, sound like Fran Drescher and redo it. LOL And building up my repertoire, which literally only used to be tons of contemporary music, r&b and hip hop, and has now began to grow to musical theater and jazz. It’s been such a difficult fight just to be in this position (being in college) but it is so worth it and I’m so happy that I’m growing and being pushed to the limits of my performing and musical knowledge 🌱 🌸 #masteringmycraft 🎶


look for the mini photoshoot 👑 (makeup by me) ✨💕


college be like ✏️ 🎼 🎶


Something I learned over years of bullying that I endured: Loving yourself is one of the most vital things to happiness and your true beauty 💗 it really does come from within. I refuse to apologize for who I am. ☁️




just blossomin’ into a working woman. unstoppable & def a cute ass flower 🌸 🙈 (makeup by me)



we may not always see eye to eye but I think it’s because we’re just too alike. Strong minded, opinionated people lol but I love you unconditionally and that will never change. God has given me you and has given you me for a reason. ☁️ and you are the absolute funniest person I’ve ever met in my entire life so there’s that. thanks for making me a nutcase 😂 #HappyFathersDay #CantGetRight #YesIStillCallMyDadDaddyYallHaveRuinedTheWord 😭😭😭😭




happy birthday (yesterday) to the old man himself (my dad) 🎂🍓🎊🎈


day 1 of showing the deepest parts of myself to y’all: growing up i was bullied over my nose. my. entire. life. the length of it, the crookedness of it, the bridge of it being tall when the tip was lower. i was called names like Pinocchio, bird, or “she would be so much prettier if she didn’t turn to the side, look at her nose.” it left internal scars that i still deal with to this day, it’s one of my biggest insecurities. but lately i’ve been embracing it. looking at it a little differently. thinking “maybe it was perfect all along” and i realized that i made it out to be even “worse” than what it actually is. yes it’s not in society’s standard of female beauty, tiny straight noses, but damn. issa look. 😍 F**K SOCIETY’S STANDARD OF BEAUTY!!! and if you got a problem with it then you really are bored with your life to really waste your time picking apart the angles and sizes of NOSES. my nose is a part of me, it’s part of my story in my self love journey. it makes me unique. and gurl i rock dat shit 👃🏽💗


none of you really truly know me, or my story. who i am, where i’ve been, or where i’m going. but i want to start exposing myself. i want to take the mask off, and share my soul. it’s a terrifying thought. but despite what my past has been, or your previous (or current) perception of me, we are all changing, learning, growing and i am at a point in my life where i’m really not giving a shit. if you like me, cool. if not, cool. jus kno dat i love me 🌱 🌸 💗 n want to continue letting others in.


hi i disappeared for a week. just been getting lost in the tunes 🎼 🎶