We invest in childhood – every day, in times of crisis and for our future. In the United States and around the world.

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Roselina brought her baby to a Save the Children funded health clinic, which monitors the health progress of children between the ages of 0-3, provides parents with practical advice about the development of their children, and educates them on health food choices. With your help we can continue to improve infant & child health in developing countries, link in the bio.


Clean water projects are the life force of communities by providing a source of clean and safe water. Your support helps with wells and water pumps that improve health and sanitation. This giving season, our partner Johnson & Johnson will match your gift dollar for dollar – up to $450K. Create a better life for children and their community through the link in bio. #GivingTuesday #JNJ


1-year-old Oumar weighed just 11 pounds when his mother brought him to a health center we support in Niger. With help from our teams, Oumar has now achieved a healthy weight and continues to receive care to make sure his weight remains stabilized. This giving season, you can help us ensure more children like Oumar get the medical care and nourishment they need, link in the bio. #GivingTuesday


You help kids color their way to success! Xvaier grins up at the camera from his reading and coloring activity. Not only is he having fun, but he’s helping his brain develop, setting him up for a bright future!
Thanks to our #Partner4Children community, our Early Steps to School Success program helps kids like Xvaier develop language and literacy skills and get ready to succeed in school through home visits, book exchanges and parenting groups.


Thousands of #Rohingya children are at risk of catastrophic disease outbreak. Your donation will help us provide them with life-saving support, link in the bio.


Zainabu from Tanzania gave birth to Yasini when she was seven months pregnant. After delivery, she was brought to the Kangaroo Mother Care ward where she was taught to swaddle and keep her baby warm through skin-to-skin contact.
Preterm birth complications are the leading cause of death in children under 5 worldwide, according to World Health Organization. By working with valued partners, ministries of health and national stakeholders, we’re ensuring that quality programs reach the most vulnerable mothers and newborns to help them survive their first month of life and beyond. Help us spread the word on #WorldPrematurityDay.


Every child deserves a strong start — the best chance for a successful future. But too many children here in the U.S. and around the world aren’t getting the opportunity to reach their full potential. This giving season, help us reach children with what they need most—life-saving healthcare and education. Link in the bio. #GivingTuesday


We’re teaming up with Vroom, an initiative of the Bezos Family Foundation, to help turn shared moments into brain building ones. Whether it’s mealtime or bath time, or anytime in between, there are many ways to nurture a child’s growing mind. Learn more at the link in bio. @JoinVroom


In Indonesia, 14 percent of girls and boys are out of school. Our #ChildSponsorship programs in the Sumba region work to ensure that every last child – regardless of their gender – has the chance to succeed in life through proper education. Thank you to our #ChildSponsors who keep these girls in school and learning. #WhyISponsor


You can help a girl realize her dreams by providing books, learning materials & access to education. Give the gift of life-changing education to a girl and show her anything is possible. When you shop from our gift catalog, Johnson & Johnson will generously match your donation dollar for dollar – up to $450,000. Make an even greater impact for kids, through the link in bio. #GivingTuesday #JNJ


When you support us for #GivingTuesday, you help us reach children with lifesaving aid and life-changing programs. Learn about all the ways you can help us reach even more children in need at the link in our bio.


Since 25th August, close to 250,000 #Rohingya children have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh’s district of Cox’s Bazar, where there are widespread shortages of food, water, and shelter. Help us protect children affected by this crisis, link in the bio.


In the spirit of #GivingTuesday, give a gift that can help children who’ve lost everything. A refugee basics bag filled with hygiene supplies restores dignity and hope for families in crisis. Johnson & Johnson will match your life-changing gift dollar for dollar – up to $450,000- to make an even greater impact for kids. Shop now, link in bio. #JNJ


Eight year-old Ayesha* fled Myanmar with her family when their village was attacked and are now living in a makeshift camp in Cox’s Bazar district, Bangladesh. Children like Ayesha, account for some 60% of the Rohingyas who've arrived in Bangladesh since the sudden and rapid escalation of violence in Myanmar, which saw hundreds killed.
We are urgently scaling up child protection and psycho-social support through child-friendly spaces and temporary learning centers, and delivering emergency health services through mobile health teams. Learn more, link in the bio.
*Name changed for protection.


The fight against pneumonia can be won, but we need your support to help prevent this common but deadly illness. Your donation will help us save countless young lives by supporting pneumonia research and our programs that protect, prevent and treat the illness worldwide. Please donate, link in the bio #WorldPneumoniaDay


Part 2:
To commemorate #WorldPneumoniaDay today, November 12, Save the Children US staff member Josh Springer composed and performed a spoken word message about the urgency to save lives from this deadly illness.
Learn how we’re working to prevent & treat pneumonia around the world. Link in the bio.


Part 1:
To commemorate #WorldPneumoniaDay today, November 12, Save the Children US staff member Josh Springer composed and performed a spoken word message about the urgency to save lives from this deadly illness.


#Pneumonia kills more children than malaria, HIV/AIDS and measles combined. Learn how we’re working to develop programs that prevent and treat pneumonia & how you can help, link in the bio.


“She was sick with a swollen body all over,” Lami’s mother says, describing her daughter’s severe malnutrition. Fortunately, our #Partner4Children community supports a health center in Nigeria, where Lami could get help. The little girl was given fortified milk and medicine and is now ready to go home! Our #Partner4Children community helped give Lami a healthy start in life. This giving season, become a Partner for Children to help us be there when children like Lami need us most, link in the bio. #GivingTuesday


Thinking about all of those who have served.


Emergency food helps prevent starvation and saves children’s lives. When you choose a gift that gives back during this season of giving, Johnson & Johnson will generously match your donation dollar-for-dollar up to $450,000 to make an even greater impact. Shop the Gifts of Joy catalog in the link in bio. #GivingTuesday #JNJ


Pneumonia is a disease of poverty: the poorest and most marginalized children are at greatest risk. A child should not die because of where they were born or what resources their family has. Read more at the link in our bio.


The world has made incredible progress for children: since 1990, we’ve reduced the number of under 5 deaths by more than half. But there are still so many children to reach who’ve been forgotten because they live on the streets, in camps or remote villages; discriminated against because of their gender, ethnicity or a disability. Help us reach the most vulnerable children with what they need most: life-saving healthcare and education (link in bio.)


Goats help keep children healthy and happy. These four-legged friends provide nourishing, protein-rich dairy to satisfy hungry children, while baby goats can be sold to generate income to help pay for school and medicine. Now your gift can go even further, because Johnson & Johnson will match your gift dollar-for-dollar up to $450,000. Shop our Gifts of Joy catalog through the link in bio. #JNJ #GivingTuesday


More than 600,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar district since August –one third of Rohingya children under five are suffering from acute malnutrition.
We are rapidly scaling up our health and nutrition work and setting up seven more clinics to meet the growing health needs. With your help, we can provide children with lifesaving aid, link in the bio.


A big THANK YOU to our #ChildSponsors in Bolivia, who helped us make huge strides in learning outcomes for girls and boys in 2016! Sponsored students’ scores in Bolivia improved in both language (from 38% in 2012 to 72% in 2016) and math (29% in 2012 to 71% in 2016). These huge advances are only possible with sponsor support! Learn more about how you can help a child in need succeed, link in the bio.


The best way to ensure all children have a fair chance at a brighter future is to give each child the opportunity to learn and grow early on. Our U.S Programs gives children access to critical things like books, preschool, healthy foods, and places to play and exercise. Learn more, link in the bio.


Nearly 5.9 million children die each year due to preventable and treatable causes. Lack of health care, clean water & healthy food put the most disadvantaged children at a high risk of death before age 5. We’re committed to providing robust health and nutrition programs around the world that save children's lives and ensure they grow up healthy. Learn more, link in the bio.


Why is 2-year-old Yassin* smiling today? Because of you! He’s excited to help his mom collect water trucked into his community by Save the Children. Drought has hit his family hard, and only four of their 48 animals are still alive. Millions of children like Yassin are hungry, thirsty and in danger of becoming critically malnourished. Thanks to our #Partner4Children community, Save the Children is responding by providing food, clean water and medicine to the millions suffering from this drought, helping them not only survive, but thrive. *Child’s name changed for protection.


#Pneumonia affects the world's most vulnerable children, with four in every five deaths occurring in children under 2 years old. Learn about our work to prevent and treat pneumonia around the world at the link in bio. #FightforBreath