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I love this church! I’m grateful to be a part of the mission and vision of Sandals Church. Excited to see how God uses and works through this church to reach many more people! #sandalschurch #boom


Adults. We have to stop looking down on teenagers as if God doesn’t have a plan and purpose for them. I truly believe teenagers are going to rock our culture with the love of Jesus. This is Nate sharing about the love of God to his peers at a public high school. This is one of my greatest joys doing student ministry. God wants to use them right where they are! We have to stop putting hurdles in front of them. #boom #sandalsyouthwc #sandalschurchwc


God has been teaching me a lot as I have begun this new season of fatherhood. One of the biggest things God has revealed to me is how selfish I am in all areas. I have struggled for so many years with being selfless with my time. It’s so easy to gravitate to the phone, ESPN, and The Office to “wind down.” God has been stretching me as a father and a husband with being more selfless with my family. To give them the time they need and deserve. It’s crazy how much a baby can reveal areas I am weak in but am hopeful knowing it is God doing a work in me as I pursue my family more and more. #sandalschurchwc #boom


@sandalsyouth is back TONIGHT! I’m so excited for our new series, “Real conversations: Sex!” As someone who struggled to have a healthy perspective of sex and sexuality I’m looking forward to presenting these topics in light of what God has to say about them. If you are in Sandals Youth, you DONT want to miss! I’ll see you soon! #sandalschurchwc #sandalsyouth #boom


Such an awesome morning @sandalschurch Woodcrest this morning! Thank you Jesus for conquering both sin and death. We celebrate that truth today! #boom #sandalschurchwc


Another reason I love my job. I had the opportunity to send off teens last night as they go and prepare to love and serve people. This is Ethan, I have enjoyed getting to know him in my discipleship group. I’m so excited to see what God does through Ethan while he is in Belize. Praying God reveals himself to Ethan in a big way this week and that Ethan’s love for God and people would grow even more. #sandalschurchwc #sandalsyouth #boom


Last night was AWESOME 👏🏼 what does it look like to get UNstuck from our feelings and moods? First we have to be real about our feelings but not get stuck in them. Bring them to the one who knows your feelings and bring them to your real relationships. Getting stuck in our feelings and moods can be destructive internally and externally. 📸: @djizzy_g
#sandalsyouth #sandalschurchwc #boom


As I reflect on my life and the things I have gone through I am thankful for God’s grace for where I am today. It’s funny how God uses who we would consider “unqualified” for His purposes. Well, by looking at my circumstances I am the “unqualified,” but God sees something different. I LOVE my job and I LOVE teens. I love seeing a teen see their worth the way God sees them. I love seeing a teen understand that God isn’t against them. I love seeing teens develop real relationships with God and others. As I prepare to teach tonight I am excited for what God will do. My prayer is that they would become real with who they are and take next steps toward God. If you are in Sandals Youth I’m excited to see you all tonight. #boom #sandalschurchwc


I love my job. I am continually humbled to play a role in the life of a teenager. I have learned so much about myself doing student ministry for 7 years. Excited to see what God continually does. #boom


“Being a Christian is more than just an instantaneous conversion - it is a daily process whereby you grow to be more and more like Christ.” Thank you Billy Graham for your faithfulness to the gospel. I have been inspired time and time again to not be ashamed of the gospel message because of the faithfulness of this man. #billygraham #boom


Happy Valentine’s Day to my forever. I’m beyond thankful for this woman and love being this little boys dad. Happy Valentines Day. #boom


Join us as @sandalschurch kicks off a new series, “The Good Life.” #Repost @sandalschurch ・・・
This weekend could change everything for someone who may feel like they have nothing.
rg @pastormattbrown Right now it’s difficult to turn on the TV or scroll through social media without seeing another breaking news story about sexual assault and someone in a position of power. That's why this weekend we're joining the conversation to reveal God's heart for the abused and how to get help when it feels like life is anything but good.
If you know someone eager for answers about where God is in all of this, invite them to a location. I will be facilitating an essential conversation about sexual abuse with my wife Tammy Brown and Sandals Church​ worship leader Christina Crowley. Do not miss.


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