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Having a creature roam around your house is a weird concept. Koalas have STDs, and dolphins can get handsy... The latest episode of Scatterbrains is out now, link in bio!


It’s part two of our dating “ex”travaganza! More hilarious tales from the weird world of dating, link in bio!


Have you ever broken up with someone only to realize how incredibly hilarious some of the things they said and did were? This week’s episode we dive into some of the great breakup stories we’ve come across! Link in bio!


Check out the latest episode of Scatterbrains where we dive into some hilarious stories about people we’ve dated in the past! Link in bio!


Tyler had a really bad time trying to buy a jacket. Hear all about it in the latest short shorts episode! Link in bio!


Things get all sexy in this weeks episode! Well, weird mostly, but also kind of sexy... check it out now, link in bio!


It’s Scatterbrains ~after dark~ on this episode! We get dirty and talk all about sexy stuff! Check it out! Link in bio!


Food is weird. Why is jello a thing? Don’t drink milk, it’s gross. Why is it called a hot dog? Brand new mini-episode is out now, link in bio!


It’s the first short shorts episode! Evelyne has strong opinions about milk and jello. Link in bio for this mini-episode!


Halloween is gone too soon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have our Halloween special! Check out our latest episode where we almost accomplish that!


Whether you’re in it for the candy, the booze, or both, have a safe and fun Halloween!