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Hiking today with a weighted vest... our son 😂. He spent the whole 90 min telling myself and @yael how hard he was working “climbing the mountain.” Kid is an animal! Lol


Listen to Emma.. she is a kid... a kid with wisdom far beyond her years... she has lived this tragedy... listen to her and her friends. They lived this tragedy. Time for the adults... we adults... to stand with them. March 24 we march! #MarchForOurLives Congress must act! #powerful


Beyond inspired this morning by Cameron and his fellow Parkland students. We are all sickened by what happened last week, but we cannot ignore these tragedies any longer. The time has come to end mass shootings in this country and treat our children with more respect than special interests . Cameron I heard your call... On March 24, we march. We stand with you. If the kids can do it so can the adults. This isn’t about our citizens... 80 percent of this nation wants gun control. NRA members want gun control. No wants to take away your guns... this is about responsible owners and appropriate use. This about congress honoring its citizens and its KIDS! No child should go to school scared about a shooting. March 24 we march for and with our kids!! Join the movement #MarchForOurLives @MarchForOurLives




Love these warriors. They inspire me. #bodyfatbrigade


Rare sighting of a basketball player from the 70’s. @justinbieber @kevinmazur


I don’t want to take away your guns. I don’t want to challenge your rights. But the facts are the facts and kids are dying because we keep praying about it and not doing anything about it. This is an epidemic we can change! Gun safety is now! Real action is now! How many have to die? Demand action from your elected officials. Information is not power. Information with action is power. We have had way too much information to fix this. Now more kids and teachers have died. Let’s take action! Anyone saying now is just the time for prayer is stalling the process and not truly respecting or honoring those lost. You want to honor them? Do something about it! They didn’t need to die!! Gun safety now! Both Democrat and republican citizens agree. To our elected officials... do your job. What is more important to you the payoff of a lobbyist or the lives of our kids!?!? Take action! No more excuses!


Thanks #billsimmons. Enjoyed the podcast. #podcastupnow


Inside joke. Focused. Up early. Getting it in. Let’s go @davidkatzenberg @therock 😂😂💪


Spent the day with my valentine and she killed me with the chocolate tease. Focused. Lol. Love you @yael #myvalentine


Love this and super proud @arianagrande. #manchesterisourhero


Jb living that Rock star shit 😁 @justinbieber