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The late Fred Beckey called this summit the Queen of the Cascade River, which I must say is fitting.
A classic knife-edge snow arête that can be a bit “heady,” given the exposure on each side, and the sea of peaks all around you. Classics are classic for a reason!
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Hard to imagine some places exist on earth, let alone in your own big backyard. With each peak I climb in North Cascades National Park (@ncascadesnps), I’m all the more humbled by what this wilderness has to offer in pristine, rugged beauty. Here, @moonmountainman stands along the northwest ridge of Dorado Needle as part of our 16-hour push covering four peaks. As of today I’m 18 peaks into my 50 Peaks project, and I’m blown away by all the support. I’m raising money directly for the park through @wanatlparkfund – if interested, you can visit my profile link to donate and support this amazing national park! 🙏🏼
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The moment of stillness just after the sun sneaks below the horizon. Couldn’t have asked for a better spot or better company to enjoy these mountains with. Light light over the Cascade range with @jmkranz.
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A pair of tiny climbers (can you spot them?) explore the glacial ice sheet atop the Mont Blanc massif, on the Italian side. I’ve been lucky enough to experience mountains across the seven continents, but this range – the original Alps – always gives me pause. I hope to get much more familiar with these peaks in the years to come!


Soft morning light enjoyed from the trail in the French Alps, during our 100-mile trek around the Mont Blanc massif. It’s so great to be back in the European Alps for a quick trip, but it gets harder and harder to leave every time we visit.


I’m excited to offer a golden larch / fall colors photo workshop in the North Cascades in early October this year, co-instructed with my good friend and outstanding photographer @stephen_matera. It will be a three-day workshop based out of the Mazama area, involving sunset and sunrise hiking and backpacking in the mountains, and will cover technique, composition, gear, business, and much more. Join us and learn together in a world-class mountain setting. For more details check my profile link!


A few days ago I joined a group of my closest friends for an outing in the mountains. The hike and climb up turned out to be fairly strenuous and particularly exciting, due to a powerful storm that swooped into the area. But after reaching our peak, the wind and rain finally settled down, and we all watched the setting sun slip behind this familiar volcano. The sky lit up orange and light rays fanned out over the entire area. It was one of those moments that, even before it was over, you knew you’d remember for years to come. #nc50peaks


The moment after the moment.
Heading down from the summit in the post-sunset light, @coltonandrewjacobs descends a snowy ridge to our camp, as clouds roll into the valleys below. #nc50peaks
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It’s humbling to stand in front of a landscape that has inspired so many over time – early explorers, travelers, naturalists, politicians, writers, and creatives alike. Reflecting on my recent trip to Yosemite, and the quiet and solitude enjoyed from the high country. Following the busy summer months I’ll be looking forward to my next visit to this great park!
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It was a rainy morning in the pacific northwest today. Driving these forest roads, looking for nothing and everything at the same time, I’m reminded there’s always a new way to see even the most familiar scene. Shot with @djiglobal #spark above the never-ending green.


A few glimpses of the landscape surrounding my solo high camp on the Ragged Ridge, two nights ago. The first, an unnamed spire next to Mount Torment, and the second, Luna Peak in the Pickets. Each painted in the day’s last light, not to mention some surreal clouds – the types of visuals that keep me coming back to this park and range for more. #nc50peaks
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Finding hidden peaks near hidden fire lookouts (can you spot it in the distance?) in the North Cascades. This was a recent climb and summit where I was joined by my wife (truly my better half), as well as our dear friend. I’m beyond lucky to be tackling this project with the support of some amazing people in my life. #nc50peaks
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