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@reunion @smalldifference former @AppleMusic I'm just alive.

Best show of #coachella was #brockhampton. Love these guys so excited for them. There's so much bs hip hop rn and this crew has so much meaning and emotion behind their music. The family aspect is touching to anyone and the amount of work and attention to detail they put into their shows is inspirational. At my favorite party of the year #owsla #skrillex night. @brckhmptn @iansimpson @himattchampion @jobaisreal @smilemerlyn @romilhemnani @henocksileshi @coachella #coachella2018 @owsla @skrillex


Everybody go listen to @auroramusic #Queendom rn and watch her Sunday #coachella her new album is amazing!!! @glassnotemusic #aurora @coachella


I love this guy. @autrenv was an honor to kick off @Reunion x @airbnb #AirbnbConcerts together w the artist I statistically listen to more than any other (more than @francisandthelights somehow). What a special show I can't wait to do more (March 7 NYC, March 15 London). In meantime, Arthur pls give us more music!!!


#SpringTraining starts today go #Yankees! This is going to be a special year! @yankees @thejudge44 @elgarysanchez @giancarlo818 (212!) thx @jeterturn2 #RE2PECT forever @mlb


Excited to add @noiagisela to Friday! #airbnbconcerts @autrenv @celsious_social @reunion @airbnb


Excited to launch @reunion x @airbnb concert series on Friday in NYC w @autrenv at @celsious_social! #airbnbconcerts


#QuincyJones is trending #1 on Twitter what a day!!! Go read his amazing interview. Everyone should have the chance to meet and get wisdom from this master. I played his Halloween party in Vegas last year and he was generous enough to fly me back to LA on his plane. I sat with him and just had the best time, heard amazing stories. Was very cool seeing him again at #TheGrammys last week. @quincydjones @recordingacademy


Last week #TheGrammys w @cyndilauper hair inspo + performance inspo supporting @iiswhoiis @recordingacademy


Special night w #JaneBirkin @carnegiehall #SergeGainsbourg songs w symphony. Had really cute moment w her granddaughter + #CharlotteGainsbourg also. I love this family so much. Notice dad's Chevalier pin 😉#CarnegieHall @glassnotemusic @debmglass listen to the new album


Only one I cared about seeing tonight #TheGrammys #saltbae #saltlife @therecordingacademy @nusr_et rip #ikea


Incredible meal last night @nusr_et NYC #saltbae #saltlife thank you chef!


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