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KIDS! Believe in what ya believe in. No need to explain yourself. #IDontNeedAReason


Personality type INFJ. We think and think and think some more. Sometimes we are geniuses, other times we overthink ourselves into a black hole and then try to think ourselves out.


Can’t hide the truth in my eyes


I used to want to change my world, now I only want to change myself


@priscillarenea album #COLOURED dropped today and it’s the HEAT



At night I drive in circles wondering if you’ll ever be an Earle




The REAL golden ratio. Perfect balance of warmth and strength.


The same fire that warmed me is burning me
The only thing that healed me is hurting me
The same water that floated me is soaking me
The same thing that freed me is holding me
I was hungry for love, but it’s been choking me
I love attention, but it’s been ignoring me
The only thing that wanted me is returning me
The only thing that saved me deserted me
Dear God, you must be the quiet type
Unlike me, I’ve been screaming like dynamite
How the hell am I supposed to survive the night when I can’t even find a reason I’d want to revive my life??
I used to think that I could ask for the incredible
Now I can’t swallow my pride, it ain’t edible
I need some time for a reputation suicide
Took a knife straight to my hesitation, do or die