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Sea Otter Savvy is a collaborative outreach program promoting responsible sea otter stewardship. Sea otter biologist on duty. Respect the nap.

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Round two on the kayaks this morning getting some GoPro footage! I promise I’m not mad like my face suggests. It was 56 degrees, a little windy, and I was focusing on maintaining a safe distance from the otters! Andrew from @montereybaykayaks did a great job explaining to us how to respectfully view wildlife out in the slough! with @get_repost


Sea Otter Savvy’s citizen science team will be working in Port San Luis this summer monitoring sea otter disturbance and doing outreach. Today we had a beautiful, closely packed raft, that was completely flushed (entire raft dives at once) twIce in 2 hours—two kayaks and one whale watching boat. Helping these users to be more #seaottersavvy will be one of our summer projects. Live in the area? We could use your help! DM me to volunteer.


Planning a trip to the central California coast? Be sea otter savvy by knowing your sea otter behavior. This will help you appreciate natural behavior and be aware quickly if your presence causes disturbance. The sea otter in this video is “sculling”. Why do you think he keeps his paws and flippers out of the water?


Respect the nap. Even wrapped in kelp with their eyes covered, sea otters will awaken and flee if you get too close! She looks so warm and cozy—don’t you want to let her nap? Photo taken from shore with a telephoto lens. #respectthenap


While you enjoy the outdoors this summer, give a care to the ones that live there. One simple way: slow at wildlife crossings. Rest in peace, Mr E.


What better way to celebrate #seaotterawarenessweek2018 than a day on the waters and shores of California’s “sea-otteriest” place with a skilled wildlife photographer (@ecoexposurephotography ) and two sea otter biologists at your service? There are only 5 spots available on this all-day workshop, so click the link in our profile to register today!


Our new #seaottersavvy mascot needs a name. Let’s hear some ideas, Instagrammers! #becreative #beoriginal #beseaottersavvy .
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Meet our summer team! Be sure to follow us on #periscope and #twitter to join us for live broadcasts all summer. #womeninscience


Morning swim through a raft of kelp grizzlies? Your exercise routine served up with disturbance of the rest of a dozen threatened marine mammals (2 federal laws broken!), rude awakening for several tired moms with pups, and a side order of too close to a dozen irritated cousins of wolverines with teeth that can crush clams. Respect wildlife #fail #kelpgrizzly @fraoch2flur


Sea Otter Savvy fact: DYK territorial male sea otters will patrol the boundaries of their real estate looking for trespassing males and receptive females? They do not prevent females from leaving their territory but rather must choose places that have resources attractive to the ladies—available prey, kelp canopy—being a gentleman doesn’t hurt. This territorial male in Morro Bay noses each female in the raft to identify them and see if they’re in estrous and ready to mate. Male sea otters do not #respectthenap !
Photo taken from shore with 300 mm lens. Stay quiet at a respectful distance and you’ll be witness to behavior like this!


How sharp are your otter spotting skills?
Be alert for wildlife! Keep a careful eye out and move through nature quietly not only to avoid disturbing a nap, but to be witness to cool natural moments. Can you spot the sea otter?
Photo taken with a 300mm lens from 80 yards. #respectthenap #witnesstonature


Come along with @seaottersavvyhannah on her journey to learn about sea otters this summer! You can become sea otter savvy along with her! #youngwomeninscience
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What a beautiful day it was out at Seal Bend! This was my first official scan session as a Sea Otter Savvy intern, and I was elated. I had the opportunity to observe a great raft of otters! Among the almost 40 sea otters doing their thing out in the deep, blue sea, I was able to survey a slough of resting sea otters, a female teaching her pup to catch fat innkeeper worms, and two male otters practicing their mating and foraging skills. It’s important to remember that these very furry and fascinating creatures are keystone species - they are crucial to our marine ecosystems! They deserve our respect, and should never have to change their behavior just because we are near. Keep them in mind today for #worldoceansday! Follow me on my journey as I learn what it means to be #seaottersavvy! #womeninscience