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Well.. I'm so late to wish but Happy Birthday @imsebastianstan ! May you live long long long years! May god blesses you with all the prosperity and love in the world!
May he fulfills your every wish!
Wishing all the best things for you!
And I've done NOTHING , prepared NOTHING ,planned NOTHING for his birthday! And I feel so devastated about it!
But my destiny is so fucked up, like this freaky accident had to happen today! And guess what I was about to do,? I was going to the Gallery to buy a Scrap book, in which I thought I'll make something for Seb!
It's the Birthday of the love of my life and I have nothing for him! There's nothing more sad about my life!
So I'd like to say sorry about that!!!!!! I'm so sorry I just couldn't get anything done for your birthday!
But I always wish the best for you!!! Lots of love to you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
( PS: I was doing a picture pose to lift up my Dad's spirit!! 😂😂 )
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