Selena Gomez@selonagmez

Selena will go back to Justin anyways...
I'm here to support Sel ❤️

What a queen 😍😍 #selenagomez


I love her ❤️ #selenagomez


I'm way too sad about the fact that Jelena is over. I feel way too bad to keep doing Jelena edits. I'm sorry for that, now I'm just gonna post the best of Selena and I'm gonna anything I can to show her my support ❤️ #selenagomez


Hi everyone, I wanted to apologize for not being very active. Lately I had personal problems in my life, I don't really focus on social medias, I guess I just need time. Thank you for understanding, love y'all ❤️ #justinbieber #selenagomez #jelena


Just improved this edit, one of my favorites ❤️ #justinbieber #selenagomez #jelena