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Inexpensive grassroots spec racing! No gear or bike...NO PROBLEM! Instructional lessons for kids and adults ages 5 and up. We have everything u need.

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You must be paid and registered thru the @firm_rallypro link below for Saturday practice prior to Friday Evening.
YOU CAN NOT JUST SHOW UP AND RIDE!!! Here is the link to the practice registration site:!/South-Florida-Mini-GP-Saturday-Practice/p/102782018/category=28269221

Again, you must be registered and paid thru the link prior to arrival on Saturday. There is nothing @mcorrea111 nor @sflminigp can do if you just show up on #Saturday without #registering. — feeling excited at Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park.

Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park


We want to send a HUGE SHOUTOUT to @firm_rallypro for working with us and getting us some quality #practice time on #Saturday 3/24 before our race on #Sunday.
You can arrive at the track after 2pm on Saturday.
Practice is from 4pm to 730pm
Cost is $50 per rider
RENTAL BIKES NOT AVAILABLE FOR SATURDAY PRACTICE!! #Racers will need to register and pay ahead directly to the #FIRM via the link below:!/South-Florida-Mini-GP-Saturday-Practice/p/102782018/category=28269221
You need to be registered and paid via this link to get on the track. If you are not riding/practicing you can arrive and setup your area before Sunday’s event.
Once again, huge THANK YOU to the FIRM and their management for working with us!!

Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park

Tune in to watch #coach @seandylankelly on @beinmotor
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Tune into #PitLane on Bein Sports tonight at 7:30pm ET!💥 Huge thank you to @beinsportsusa for having me on today!🎥 #SDK40 #BeinSports #GoWatch
Vayan a ver #PitLane en Bien Sports hoy a las 7:30pm ET!💥Muchas gracias a @beinsportsusa por tenerme hoy!🎥 #SDK40 #Bein


RACES WILL BE LIVE!!! Thanks again to Wulf Imaging. They will be presenting the races live on our facebook page and youtube page. They will also have picture/video packages available for purchase. Reach out to them or @58terrybarker to arrange your package. — feeling excited at Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park.

Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park

WE HAVE FOOD!!! Introducing Extreme Burgers & Shakes. They are local to the area, have provided food for the track on previous occasions and come highly recommended. Head over to their facebook page, give them a like and check out their menu.
The event is coming together nicely, pleae make sure to pre-register as the grids are filling up and your HEAT #1 position is based on your registration.

See you all soon! — feeling hungry at @firm_rallypro

Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park

Thanks to @rickspicsinc for this great idea. We will be doing it on Fridays every week from now on.
The #rider this week is kid racer @rowdyhous
Rowdy came to us in #2017 knowing how to ride a dirt-bike but not “knowing” how to ride a dirtbike “minigp style”. He has spent a ton of time at most of our events, both practices and races, honing his craft and getting better and better. We are so proud of his accomplishments so far.
In our latest practice #coach @brandon_paasch was so impressed with his results. They worked together and by the end of the day Rowdy was a force.
Looking forward to his first #podium finish this #season.



The metals parts on your bike that can potentially hit the ground need to be protected. We can not risk losing access to tracks due to poor tech inspections and poor bike prep.

At a minimum the following is needed:
•Axel sliders
•Peg sliders
•Handle bar end guards (hand guards or bar ends)

If you lay your bike over on its side and something metallic is touching the needs to be protected.

WARNING: Should it be observed by any of the track officials, flaggers, or SFLMINIGP staff that there are hard parts dragging from your race bike, you will be black flagged.

Make sure you are familiar with our RULEBOOK:


+40 Stock100/125 CLASS IS A GO!! We have enough riders to run this class during this event. SUPER EXCITING.

Your pre-registration will determine your position for grid in HEAT #1. Make sure to Pre-register here:


Happy #internationalwomensday brought to you by @superlex26
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Happy International Women’s Day 👩🏻💪🏻 #iwd2018 #womenfastforward


Here are the current standings for the @motracmotorcycles #Motrac Cup after Race #1

Here is how to enter:
Motrac USA will include:
6 Identical spec Motracs
These Motracs will race in the “MONKEYBIKE CUP” class and will be provided to the top two(2) "Qualifiers" at each event in the following classes:
This will occur at each sprint race event.

Being that there is no “Timed Qualifying” for this event...1st and 2nd place after Heat #1 will get the opportunity to race the Motrac Cup.
A Motrac 125cc will be provided to the winner at the end of the season with the most points!!



We are extremely honored to have the @british_mini_bikes reigning #SM90 #CHAMPION Riley Dexter 860 Racing joining us for this event.
Riley will be racing in the following:
@araiamericas Spec50
Minigp Pro

Looking forward to watching him race against our youngsters!!!

Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park

ATTENTION IN THE PADDOCK!!! @envy_racing_apparel is making this event #HUGE for the #kid #racers in SPEC50.
They are providing (1) one custom suit to the winner of the raffle during this event.
Here is how to win:
(1) all the registered racers from Sprint Race #1 in the Spec50 class will automatically receive (2) two raffle tickets at check in. (2) ALL Spec50 racers in Sprint Race #2 will receive (2) raffle tickets at check in

The drawing will happen prior to the trophy ceremony where one lucky winner will receive a custom Envy Apparel Race Suit!!

Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park

Everyone is having a blast today at @bushnellmotorsportspark today. Learning and getting faster. Even have some adult riders taking advantage.

Bushnell Motorsports Park

Practice/track day tomorrow @bushnellmotorsportspark tomorrow from 8am to 12pm. Track is ours, not shared!! Tons of track time and instruction to be had.
We have the bikes and gear for the kids. Just bring them out $105 a rider.
We have rental bikes and gear for adults as well.

Bushnell Motorsports Park

Coaching staff for this weekend’s event @bushnellmotorsportspark
Come take advantage of the knowledge and their time!!

Bushnell Motorsports Park

ATTENTION RACERS!!! I wanted to let everyone know about our recent partnership with @ccsracingus .

Those of you #racing in our #organization (ages 12 and up) that accumulate 60 more points throughout the #2018 season will be elegible for a #CCS license through our approval process.
So continue racing, accumuliating points and soon enough your CCS license will be in reach.


Took this from another post and adapted it to fit #minigp:

You see a spoiled brat on a bike who gets whatever he wants.
I see a kid that spends all of his birthday and Christmas money on a new clutch.
You see a carefree kid that does as he pleases.
I see a kid that doesn't play football, basketball or baseball because it takes away from riding. He will miss Thanksgiving with most of his family because he will be traveling to the next race.
You see a "show off" with a new pair of $400 boots every 6 months Who needs a $800 helmet anyway!? I see a kid in a dangerous sport. One who has shattered bones without shedding a tear. Wearing a cast from his toes to his butt, he would ask the Dr. just one question...."when can I ride again?" You see a kid that doesn't even have to go to school.
I see a kid that not only has to go to school,he has to finish the same amount of work in half the time of public school because he has extra classes you don't know about. Classes like- Nutrition, Yoga and RockClimbing. He does vision training to keep his hand eye coordination sharp. To insure he can get off the line and not get ran over.
You see a hoodlum on a motorcycle who has no business riding a dirt bike through the neighborhood.
I see a kid who just finished practicing in his driveway or parking lot with arm pump. Who never gets out of first gear on the street, but needed to let his arms rest and give his eyes a change of scenery-So he took a lap around the block.
You see a family who loads up in that RV and trailer and is gone for days at a time. Ignoring the lawn, the mail, the newspaper. They never show up for parties or events and they are obviously to stuck on themselves to even wave when they drive by.
I see a family who loves each other more than words can explain, a family that pours everything they have into their kids. We eat, sleep and breath this sport. We would love a real vacation but unfortunately there is no off season in what we do. We are sorry. We like parties. We like you. We would even like to send Christmas cards but to tell the truth, they wouldn't be ready to mail until about August, so we just skip it.
You see Crazy.


Bring your #kids out to try a new #sport. We provide the #motorcycle, the #gear and the #training for kids for $105 per rider.
We also have bikes and gear for adults to #rent and try as well.
We provide one on one coaching, group sessions and instructionals to make sure each rider is safe on the #track.
More information can be found here:

Bushnell Motorsports Park

Race Results:
Here is the link to the race results:

Its was amazing event (festival) this weekend. I want to say thank you to @amrmotorplex for allowing access to this amazing facility.

Thank you to @58terrybarker and @rickspicsinc for all the live video and photography efforts.

Steve Parsons, this event was in your name and in your battle with Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation - MMRF @themmrf to make sure keep up the battle.
Thank you to @amasoutheastsupermoto for teaming up with us for this event to make that much more amazing

To all of our volunteers @theholygoat @_marte_21 @papito323 for helpng make the event run as smooth as possible.
The information for the next events are here:

Sflminigp - practice #3
Sflminigp - Sprint Race #2


AMR Homestead-Miami Motorplex presented by MG Tires

Some F1, F2 boys ready to ride!


Official practice day tech inspection decal @tstindustries
Thanks for all the support guys.

AMR Homestead-Miami Motorplex presented by MG Tires

Pre-registration closes today at 8pm

See you all on Sunday

AMR Homestead-Miami Motorplex presented by MG Tires

Here are some cool coaching pictures from the Saturday event. What is the point of just throwing everyone on the track go around in circles. Our track days are instructional, tactical and benefit you as a rider more than you know. Adults and kids welcome.

Miami GP Raceway