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Motorcycle Racing school in South Florida tailored to introduce kids to motorcycle racing and where pros are made. Expansion location of NJ MiniGP.

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Monkey-Bike Class **SFLMiniGP Only** **SFLMiniGP Only** Monkey Bike Cup sponsored by Motrac USA
Honda Grom, Kawasaki Z125, Motracs, SSR Ruzkull
Front forks must remain OEM, internal modifications ARE allowed
No internal engine or chassis modifications whatsoever
OEM engine internals only
Stock bore and stroke must be maintained
All OEM gaskets must be utilized
OEM ignition only
Aftermarket Rear Shocks are allowed
Only standard octane pump fuels are allowed (no oxygenated, leaded or high octane race fuels permitted

Approved Bolt Ons:
Full exhaust
Air filter maybe replaced. (Stock airbox must be maintained)
Kitaco oil covers ARE NOT ALLOWED
No power commanders or like such are allowed

@motrac_motorcycles Motrac USA sponsorship will include:
6 Identical spec Motracs
These Motracs will race in the “MONKEYBIKE CUP” class and will be provided to the top two(2) "Qualifiers" at each event in the following classes:
This will occur at each sprint race event.
Winner of the Motrac Motorcycles cup will receive a Motrac of their own as a prize!!! The monkey-bike class and the motrac cup are two different championships scored separately.


2018 Race Classes Update:

Here is some amazing news for the upcoming 2018 season. We will be activating the following classes:

Kids MiniGP Pro
+40 Stock100
Motrac Motorcycles sponsored Monkey-Bike Class

All of the class information can be found here on our website:


We couldn’t get the full #thankyou message posted here. So it will be done in the comments below. SIMPLY PUT...THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING 2017!!


Tonight was a another #successful events. #congratulations to all the winners of the #kids 2hr #endurance #races tonight.

Bushnell Motorsports Park

The #fleet #bikes are all prepped and ready for this weekend!!
Come out to @bushnellmotorsportspark and enjoy the spectacle.
#kids #race on #friday #night for 2Hrs
#adults #race on #saturday for 12hrs

Bushnell Motorsports Park

12HR ENDURANCE RACE THIS SATURDAY 12/9 @bushnellmotorsportspark

Bushnell Motorsports Park

Team: Midpack Racing
Racers: @mtrhd0024 @krimsonspeed @josetroisi Nicola Troisi
Class: F2

Bushnell Motorsports Park

This race is going to be epic. Tons of kids and great competition!!

Bushnell Motorsports Park


We have all had this conversation before and it continues for each and every race. The metals parts on your bike that can potentially hit the ground need to be protected. We can not risk losing access to tracks due to poor tech inspections and poor bike prep.

At a minimum the following is needed:
Axel sliders
Peg sliders
Handle bar end guards (hand guards or bar ends)

If you lay your bike over on its side and something metallic is touching the needs to be protected.
Should it be observed by any of the track officials, flaggers, or SFLMINIGP staff that there are hard parts dragging from your race bike, you will be black flagged.
So please, take some time out, head to home depot or loews and put some protection on the bikes..



Please make sure to pay close attention to the layout. there will be no parking allowed in the pit areas....keep your vehicles over between the round building and the entrance gate.

KIDS 2HR/Adult 12HR
Parents/Coaches, please do not set up tents or vehicles in this area....we will designate your areas on Fri night/Sat morning during the Riders meeting

We will be running the full track for this event. — at Bushnell Motorsports Park.

Bushnell Motorsports Park