Shane Dawson@shanedawson

New Video - “$10 Million Celebrity Mansion for a Day” 🏠💰🔑

A day i’ll never forget ❤️


Nothing like trying on a perfectly fitted Gucci sweatsuit and then finding out it’s an XXXL. New Series coming August


I think being a therapist for youtubers is my true calling haha


this about sums up my excitement for escape rooms.


I said yes!!!!😭❤️


The Truth About Tanacon in 3 Parts - Link In Bio


This weekend was emotional and hard for many reasons but one really amazing thing came out of it. A new family member. Love you so much sister. ❤️


Mornings with bae


Back in 2014 I broke my ankle and was stuck on the couch for weeks. I was at the peak of my depression and was still struggling with my sexuality. Every single day Trisha came to my tiny apartment and took care of me and made me feel less alone. She listened to me, cried with me, and let me know that no matter what she would have my back till the day we died. Trisha Paytas is a beautiful person inside and out and I am so grateful that she exists. :,) ❤️


just two guys trying to make wigs fly.


Back when I looked like my dad’s wife. Happy Father’s Day dad! I’m so happy we are back in each others lives ❤️


‪Happy Birthday to someone who genuinely changed my life when we met. Thank you for existing Garrett Watts. the world is better with you in it. ‬