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My first book cover just revealed today! Thank you Macmillan Publishing @panmacmillan for the opportunity to do the art for P.G. Bell’s new book, “The Train to Impossible Places.” You can read more about it in my bio.


Spanish coast style.


Three steeples in different stages.


Thanks for all the likes, comments feedback, and new fans. 2017 was great.


I don’t always do Halloween. But when I do, I really go for it. After watching a few episodes of the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, I gathered the courage to do this live painting at a party last night. Was a lot of fun!


Thank you to 5000! It’s been a great year and it’s got my favorite months left. Enjoying this little pumpkin. 🎃 art show, I can participate in Inktober. Cheers! #characters #art #artwork #architecture #illustration #losangeles #losfeliz #silverlake #wine #sketchbook #halloween #children_illustration #coffee #coffeeshop #caffevita #gallery #artshow


Life drawing during lunch break. The model’s poses weren’t very dynamic or interesting so I played with her proportions to make the drawing a little more fun.