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"And now for something completely different..." First short with #neillblomkamp now out on YouTube. #oatsstudios #god


"LIFE IMITATES ART" - in #freefire Vernon uses "cardboard armor" to "prevent infection" while he's crawling around on the warehouse floor. Today I discovered a rattlesnake on the deck. Decided to give myself a fighting chance and put some "armor" around my boots before trying to catch it...."do not try this at home kids"


#freefire opens in USA tonight. Still in theaters in U.K.


USA premiere of #freefire soon in Austin Texas!


Hello #hongkong ! My first visit.


Thank u #london - incredible night in #leicestersquare @ the premiere of #freefire with my beautiful wife. We had umbrellas ready but were greeted by the sun and amazing fans. #luckybugger


Ladies and Gentleman.... Introducing "VERNON" #freefire #bfi


Just got this 1/6 scale collectible Chappie from #threezerohk The detail is incredible. Thanks a million guys Wish u guys made a Wikus van Der Merwe and CJ...


#freefiremovie won the audience choice award for #midnightmadness wow. Second year in a row for me. Love and thanks to my fellow crazies who voted for us.


#tiff2016 Second year in a row opening #midnightmadness Thanks to the incredible crowd who turned up to support #freefire


Incredible night at #thehollars premiere in New York. Finally I'm in a movie I can proudly show my mom haha Such an emotional film. You'll laugh, you'll cry and might even cry while laughing like people did last night - go with your family. August 26