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Financial analyst and adventurer. UMich '15.
📍Currently: French Polynesia

“Well I guess this is growing up” Blink-182 said it best. Thank you to everyone for the sweet birthday wishes yesterday! I feel so lucky to have another trip around the sun with the most wonderful people and experiences in my life. Cheers to 25 🎉


Happy birthday to this character, my favorite dude. Thanks for jumping into open ocean shark-infested waters with me, being my person, and making every day that we’re together the best day ever. 🎈


You’re the pineapple of my eye... if you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple 🍍(the puns made it to the South Pacific... honestly don’t know how he puts up with me)


Early morning sunrise chats with the tropical fish under our bungalow. If only all my Tuesday mornings could look like this 🐠


Thank you to everyone who came to our wedding- we feel so blessed to have celebrated with such great friends and family! The past 2 weeks have been amazing unwinding with this character I get to call my husband in our own little slice of paradise, and excited to see what adventures the future holds #NappierWithYou


Fell in love with the colorful handmade pareos of Polynesia- over the past 10 days, I’ve learned dozens of to wear them. Highly considering swapping out all my business casual gear for these beautiful fabrics 🏝️


“Motu” means island in Polynesia and we haven’t met a Motu yet we didn’t like 🌴


Found myself in the middle of a volcanic crater, surrounded by pineapple (!!) fields as far as the eye can see. This place is on another level 🌴 🍍


Out of office, maururuu! 🤙🏻


With the final walkthrough done, #NappierWithYou wedding weekend is a go! Thankful to have my little one in town to make all the last minute details so much easier. Can’t wait to see everyone this weekend! 👰🏻 💍


If you ask me what my favorite color is, I’ll tell you blue. But that’s not entirely true— my favorite color is the ocean. It’s my favorite color when the sun is rising and bits of gold fleck the pastel waves, or when it’s sunny and the sandy parts are bright turquoise and the reef is the darkest blue. When it rains and the mountains are purple, but the water is still somehow a soft pale blue with hints of grey. When the sun sets and the sky turns pink, and a world of color shines through the surface and the waves are every color you can imagine. So yes, the ocean is my favorite color- but I’ll probably just tell you it’s blue.
@hbgoodie captures my love for the ocean best above all. Missing my home away from home especially these days 💙


Mo-rocking the way through the world with some of the best people I know. Thankful for this bride tribe! 🐭


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