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"You're suppose to put an inspirational quote here."
"In vino veritas."
That's not inspirational."
"Okay, never mind then."

STAGE banquet last night was a great way to end the year (even though we still have two concerts left.) Each photo has a different "story" behind it.

1. Sam had to literally tickle me to make me smile. Oops.
2. I'm really awkward when it comes to pictures.
3. This doesn't have a story, I just love the photo. My bad.
4. We had 5 different people taking pictures of us. It took so long that Rachel started eating her cake.
5. Probably the only nice photo we got with our group.


You know, I don't miss winter, but snow can be very pretty.


The last two nights of performances have been absolutely amazing!! Come see the last performance of "Once on This Island!" You do not want to miss it!! Tickets are $10 and the doors open at 6:15. (Yes I took everybody else's pictures and used them. You're welcome.)


Come see Milton Area High School's show "Once on This Island!" You can buy tickets at the door, or the link to, is in my bio.


We have off school tomorrow AND my guitar came in today??? Talk about a perfect day!!


Sexism is disgustingly evident in America, Pennsylvania and even our schools! Yes guys, the wage gap does exist for women, and yes, it is disgustingly sexist. If you take a woman and a man and place them at the same job, both have the same position and both do equally well, usually the guy will get paid 23 cents more than the girl. You may say, "Hm 23 cents? That's not a lot, why complain?" Because it's not the fact that we're getting paid less... well it is... But it's the idea. It's the thought of sexism. It shouldn't be happening, 23 cents or not! Men will get paid more just because they are a guy! You see it in sports, companies ,even Hollywood! No. Especially Hollywood. Hollywood is a big offender of this and it's repulsive. You hear it all the time from actors. Both share the same screen time, both are critically acclaimed and yet the guy will get paid more.

This topic blows my mind and disgusts me at the same time! Women everywhere get cat-called, groped, and sexually abused and it's absolutely unacceptable. Why do people think it's okay? Why do some men think they have the right to just walk up to women and grab them? News flash men: It's not!
As much as we like to say sexism has gotten better, it really hasn't. Yes, it doesn't show forms like it did before, but now it's in how men respond to women and how they talk about them and their bodies. In politics, men always say that a woman couldn't be president becuae they "can't handle the pressure." That is simply ridiculous.

While we're on arguments let's go to abortion. Even though I do not agree with it, it should not be the MEN choosing whether or not to abort! That should be the woman's choice! Men are not the one's who will carry the baby, they're not the one's giving birth and chances are, they are not the one's that will take care of that baby. It should always be the woman's choice. Always.
Ladies, we have been taught our entire lives that this is okay. We've been told that it's accepted in society and we have to deal with it. But ladies... we don't. Don't accept gender stereotypes, change them! Change society's standard of women! Okay, rant over, thanks for listening.


Man, I was SO CUTE! What happened???


I didn't want to come home...


Disney has been so amazing!! I'm so glad there's still 3 more days left!!!


Do you ever smile?


Just a couple of pictures from the Gwyneth and Penn Tech games. There will be more to come, I just have to sort through the rest.


I don't know why, but I find this so freaking cool.


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