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Of dearest friends who took the time and effort to make sure I felt special and got to celebrate my birthday for an extended week. Missing some people like Jialin, Esther, the rest of the regular Futsal people, etc. Thank you for loving me ❤️


Took forever but it finally reached midnight! Thank you for waiting for hours in the car and doing nonsense with me to pass the time despite being super tired. Here’s to one more year of my most treasured friendship ❤️


My constants. So grateful for my oldest bunch of friends whom I’m most comfortable being myself with. Never a dull moment with them too. Missing Shaun and Pat!


Always spoil me silly ❤️


Happy birthday Mummy!!! ❤️

Yalong Bay 亚龙湾地道小厨

Two very different halves but felt so right together. Kind of like our friendship eh @whsin 😉

The Glasshouse: Specialty Coffee and Toast Bar

No @merelyicecream geotag for Our Tampines Hub yet but this ice cream is legit!! #merelyicecream

Our Tampines Hub

This is the first concert that I am posting 10 pictures and hating that I can’t choose more. Oh what a night. My favourite band, thank you for starting my 2018 right. //Speaking volumes, silence screaming over your words.

#imaginedragons #imaginedragonsconcert
#imaginedragonsevolve #imaginedragonssg


365 new days, 365 new chances.
Let’s be braver, stronger, kinder, unstoppable; let’s be the best versions of ourselves.

Siloso beach Countdown 2018

Had the coziest and simplest of Christmas; spending quality time with my goddaughter and family, meeting up with my fav cousins, celebrating @gohshihua’s 26th, and rounding it up with my bestest chef friends (with a lot of mj-ing with my neighbours in between!). I’m so blessed with good people around me, they are the most valuable gifts.


Always fun to learn new things!


Happy birthday @geodudez!!! p.s. I love it when spontaneous outings hits full strength!