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Sometimes we just need to lean on other people.


Laopa turns 21.


Duran Duran, Calvin Harris, fireworks, last but not least the race which determined the winner in 2 seconds. Braved the rain for the last day of #singaporegp which we were sure Hamilton secretly summoned.

What an experience!

Singapore Grand Prix

Day 2 of #singaporegp with Ariana Grande and Chainsmokers! So proud of the ground sheet I still kept from NPCC days which allowed us to rest comfortably in between the concerts.

Day 3. LEGGO!

Singapore Grand Prix

Epic concert to wrap up Day 1 of my virgin F1 experience! Was so tired but it was worth it. Can't wait to watch the race today!

On a side note I also can't wait to get my ip8+. This ip6 camera is so bad 🙈
#onerepublic #f1singapore #singaporegp

Singapore Grand Prix

Probably the only person who laughs heartily at my lamest jokes, and I love you for that. Happy birthday @whsin!!! ❤️

Birds of a Feather SG

One of my hobbies is to squat near this grass patch under my block when it rains and watch the 🐌 🐌 come out to play. They stay on this patch of short grass and on top of a drain in the middle of the grass so it's a really pretty sight without the usual mess of crushed shells you see on pavements because no one walks on the grass and drain (it really crushes my soul when I dead snails). //Take things slow and brave the rain; there will be more chances of catching the rainbow.

Taken with my ip6 📷


"Don't look back in anger." I heard you say.
📸credits; @burpnist

Broga Hill, Semenyih

Weekend trekking! ☺️
Broga Hill, Tadom Hill (Friday-Saturday)
Dairy Farm Trail (Sunday)


My knees held on, thankfully. #roadtorecovery #strun

Padang, Singapore

Throwback to when I fist-bumped a deer.


Won't ever cave in to what I don't believe in.

Gua Pawon....

As much as I wish for life to be a simple straight road, I often find myself on an unnecessarily much longer winding path. On the bright side, a longer journey means I have a higher chance to meet more good people along the way and spend more quality time with them; life becomes more colourful and vibrant that way.

This short trip in the midst of my chaotic June holidays strengthened my positivity towards life. Note to self: Glass half-full should always, ALWAYS!!! be the way to view everything.


3:30am Woke up
4:00am Driver picked us
4:20am Car broke down in the middle of the road
5:10am Driver got another car
5:25am Reached the bottom of the hill and switched onto a motorbike to ride up (my first time on a bike and such terrain!)
5:59am Sunrise

What a morning!

Tebing Keraton

Virgin ATV ride!! Crashed off course; crushed some crops and ran down some of the wooden supports. Thank god I was saved by the guide or I would have plummeted into a small pond.

Sari Ater Hotel & Resort

Surrounded by utmost beauty we literally didn't know where to look.

Kawah Putih

First meal in Bandung; SEDAPPPPPP

Kampung Daun Cafe



Sunday funday!


Dark times.


Okay okay, I know it's just Bangkok. It's just a 3-day trip. Not cool enough for so much #throwback. Yet where else can you see such swag? Only country I'm willing to brave an even hotter weather than Singapore and go the distance (literally) for all the shopping and food.

Aiya you don't know one la.

ตลาดนัดจตุจักร Chatuchak Weekend Market jjweekendmarket

I miss Bangkok alreadyyyyyyyy. #favouritecityever


Monday is blue.


Aaaand.. it's a wrap! What an awesome long weekend; am fully recharged. Now to plan for my next trip ☺️

Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok

The entourage this trip. What a productive day of shopping. Why is the trip ending already!!

Chatuchak Weekend Market - ตลาดนัดจตุจักร