Eccentric, sarcastic, and most of all, basorexic.
Voulez-vous #savasana avec moi?

Her eyes met his, but only so briefly, and then they fell to the floor. She helplessly smiled just a little too wide. He kept watching her, hypnotized. His eyes lay firm on her eyelids until she built enough courage to look back up at him, then his eyes were on the ceiling and hers on his lips. 🧡


took a short windy stroll around Helsingborg to cure a "headache" that was going around


an eventful day in Helsingør with familiar faces... 🏵️️💮🌸🌼🌺


is it really better to completely avoid pain at the cost of never finding happiness, than to feel some pain sometimes but someday possibly ending up truly happy at a place I actually want to be in?


just thought I'd announce that my S necklace broke recently in case any one o yall wanted to get me a new one thanks in advance


Issa nother one


There are two sides to caring and challenging Marge.




Sweet friends & salty water. Not a bad combo.


best feeling in the world = being in a baby sandwich
:):):) worst feeling in the world = saying goodbye to babies


Tonight we danced to Reggae music with little Anna Livia, who sang along to all the songs. - thanks @jerompret for the pic!


28.02.2018 - VB's Birthday Surprise
ft. her support system (the girls who made it all happen)

You know how much I love you and I know how much you love me.
Take care & "call me when you get home"! 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩