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等你下課 by 周杰倫 @jaychou 🔊🎶❤️ #instacovers #60seconds #jaychou #等你下課



I feel good danadanadana na. I knew that I would danadanadana na. 🎶



To the women who’ve been so strong, loving, caring, and courageous in my whole entire life. HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY! ❤️ Thank you all for taking such great care towards me ever since I was born. Watching me grew up to be a young woman I am today! THANK YOU❤️. P.S. 71 year old grandma is following the boomerang trend like she’s going on for 拜拜😂


阿嬷!生日快乐!阿珊永远爱你!❤️ My grandma is the cutest person on Earth! Love her so so so much! Happy blessed 71th ! 🍰🎂


Heartiest congrats to one of my big Brother in Christ & the prettiest bride!❤️ To the one who always provide care, love and support to the younger members in the cell group! So happy to witness you walking down together with your beautiful Wife in such a romantic night of yours!😍 Thank you for inviting me to your wedding! Wishing the blissful marriage to both of you and believing God has so much more blessings in all the forever years ahead of you guys! 😍
My turn to do a poem.. . 「 There isn’t a poem to describe
Because this day is your vibes
There isn’t a day this perfect
To my big Brother that I always respect.
Days ahead will be greater,
Because I use Google translator,
Not really, more to rhyme zone
But your journey will be adventurously mind blown.
To you and your beautiful Wife,
A beautiful journey to the eternal life! 」

Yours sincerely poet,
Shizuka Matsuda 😂😂😂 #dangerouslyfelbulous


Yesterday was this sweet angel’s birthday!
Happiest blessed birthday Rachel! Wishing you will grow to be a stronger & beautiful person that God have ever made you to be! ❤️ Forever be filled with the sweetness of joy! Stay awesome & bold like an eagle!


What a 3D2N with these bunch! Super Uber fun and tiring at the same time 😂

Able to achieve parts of my life goals in accomplishing certain activities! More to come, to much more beautiful places around the world!
Last but not least... to celebrate @cuifuuh Birthday... P.S. feel guilty for me. 😏 or should I sing the latest Taylor Swift’s song.. “Oh... look what you made me do” more like... “Oh... look what you made me feel” the pain... 😂


The Sun. The Wind. The Sea. The Sand. ❤️ I could live like this forever. But when I said I need a break, doesn’t mean literally breaking a part of my body.
However, thank God I’m still alive ☀️. P.S. I really loving the tanned look! 😍 I’m gonna change my skin tone from now onwards!


The Memoir of Geisha 2... Coming soon to the theatre near you 👘. .
. .


To the cutest baby! 🎉😍 Happy birthday Rexson! 😍🍰🎂🎀🎉🎁🎈 May you grow up as dashing, charming, and brilliant than ever! 😎

Thanks bro for your baby’s first birthday party!
#allthebrosforlife #allgrownup


Whenever I’m trying to do something serious... this dude will always wanna come in the picture and SAY CHEESE! 😘

How can I not love him? Ladies, you wanna get him, you’ll need to go through me first


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